Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: I need more “juice” (plus, that is)

I have a love-hate relationship with my aerobics instructor, Lynne.  She’s outgoing and goofy and she makes me sweat.  Hard.  But sometimes she makes me laugh and she makes me healthier–in spirit, body, and mind.  Once I got to know Lynne a little better, I was no longer intimidated.  She just has a lot of energy and enthusiasm.  I want that.  So, I talked with her about it and here’s what I learned. 

Lynne, can you tell us what your educational background is in?  What DO all of those letters after your name mean?

Thanks for a wonderful welcome.  I look forward to getting to know your readers. My BS is in Exercise Physiology and my Maters in Nutrition is almost complete.  I am Certified as a Personal Trainer, Aerobics Instructor, Master Yoga Therapist, I am also a Certified Midwife and a Doula (Labor Assistant).  My field of knowledge is very narrow, it is JUST Health related, as I LOVE understanding how the smallest of changes in nutrition, body mechanics or habits affect the entire lifespan.  It is TRULY a passion for me.

Tell us about your kids…do they love exercise and nutrition as much as you? 

In my over 20 years of raising children, I have learned a lot.  And haven’t always been the best at providing the roads to choose from.  My oldest son just completed four years in the military and he is now home, safe and sound and going to college.  He was little when I was in my huge learning curve.  Still thinking so medical instead of “the Whole Picture”.  We ate a typical Standard American Diet, as I really didn’t understand the connection between nutrition and disease.  We were active, and though exercise wasn’t a priority.  After we began making changes I had my two “after-thoughts”, as I like to call them.  I was almost 40 and they were just a year apart.  Even though I was an older mom I saw how fast my body returned to pre-pregnancy state. I nursed them as well, however I was eating much differently than I was the first time around.  When the little ones were old enough to eat solid foods we started with Avocados instead of pre-made baby foods.  It was difficult at first as I needed to really think and plan. I found that not only were the kids healthier but it was cheaper too!  Now that my kids are 11, 12 and 22, they are so used to eating a certain way I think they would be shocked if I came home from the grocery store with a  bunch of processed stuff.  They still remember me explaining to them thatcertain foods will make you run faster and jump higher and other foods will make you run slower and jump lower!”

You’ve had some major life changing events–as we all do–but which of those were the ones that really “woke you up” to health and nutrition?
 My Mom had a heart attack when my little ones were babies.  It was a bad scare that I guess I needed.  I went for a checkup and found that my “Homocysteine” in my blood was highly elevated…I had never even heard the word!!  I am today thankful for having such a forward thinking MDWhen you exercise you burn energy, just like putting logs into a fire place, there will be ashes.  The ashes of burning energy within the body is called Homocysteine.  We must be able to sweep the ashes away, and according to medical science the only way to continually do this is to eat a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables.  They suggest 9 to 13 servings because we cannot get produce that is truly vine-ripened all year long.  That message was just too difficult!  I am a busy mom with kids going in 3 different directions.  The fact of the matter is that we eat more fruits and veggies than any other family I know and it is still NOT 10 servings a day!!! Standing there in my doctors office getting my first “warning” sign, he reached into his lab coat and pulled out a “pill-box” full of fruits and veggies in capsule form called “Juice Plus+”…and he began explaining the research of this amazing product.

How did you get involved with JP+? 

After reviewing the research of Juice Plus+, I knew that it stood alone in a sea of nutritional products.  Firstly, it has a “FOOD” label, not a vitamin label.  It has double-blind, placebo controlled research from over 20 Universities worldwide, published in Major medical Journals like The American College of Cardiology it comes with 6 certainties and because it is FOOD it is safe for all who want to use it, even those with most food allergies.
How has JP+ changed your life? 

We began eating the JP+ capsules and chewables as a family shortly after the doctors visit and I didn’t really feel anything out of the ordinary.  Although within a few months my energy level came up and I was sleeping better.  I discounted that, as it could have been any number of things.  Then when I went back to the doctors for a follow up, my Homocysteine had dropped 4 points! I was out of the danger zone!  It had been almost a year and I knew others should at least know about this option to bridge the gap between how many fruits and veggies they are “supposed” to eat and how many they truly “do” eat.  For $1.38 a day it made total sense to me and I knew it would make sense to others.  As a personal trainer I felt it was a moral and ethical obligation to share the research.  I called my doctor and began to learn more about the product and the distribution process.  I made it available on my web site www.LynnesJuicePlus.com so others could benefit and I became part of the Children’s Research Foundation (www.ChildrensHealthStudy.com), an organization that provides JP+ chewies and capsules at no cost to kids within the ages of 4 and full-time college students.  
What are your three wishes for parents as they raise their children to be healthy, happy and successful in their lives? 1) Make exercise a part of everyday activity.  Chase after your kids, play tag, climb trees, swing WITH your kids instead of giving them the push. 2) Be the example for a healthy diet as well.  Put blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and sliced bananas on the table for breakfast instead of something out of a box.  For lunch try introducing pea-pods, raw asparagus, cherry tomatoes with some humus for a dip.  Sliced apples with REAL peanut butter for snacks or make “fun-foods” like Dr. Sears suggests. For dinner try to see how many different kinds of fresh veggies you can put on the table and limit the amount of meat you fix for your family. And 3)  Move your family towards Prevention instead of early Detection and pay attention to how your exercise and dietary changes affect your kids ability to learn faster, focus better and stay healthier throughout the year, no matter who is sick around them.

If you need assistance, I now volunteer much of my time across the US and Canada to help families experience what my family has.  Feel free to contact me if you would like the additional help. Lynne@LynnesHealth.com

Wow!  Thanks, Lynne.  What a wonderfully motivating interview with lots of great ideas we parents can begin incorportating into our busy lives. 


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