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In My Brain Today: Dr. Morgan in the House

I have a confession:  I am hip-deep in  love affair.  It happens every Monday night and again on Wednesday.  I have fallen down the rabbit hole, there is no “maybe” about it. 

Like most addictions and affairs, it started out innocently enough.  I had Monday evenings “free” and so I accepted his “date.”  My husband didn’t seem to mind because he was interested in watching.  Really.  And so, it began.  I fell hard for this man.  But it took some time.  At first, he was grouchy and irritable.  I couldn’t stand him.  I wasn’t sure what he thought of me, either.  I never really put a lot of effort into preparing for our dates.  I mean, flannel p.j.s and ice cream is sexy for some, but I wasn’t sure if he was that kind of guy.  Turns out, he didn’t care.  He just wanted my undivided attention. 

And then, Wednesdays presented themselves as another opportunity for a tryst.  I accepted.  I donned my same ol’ p.j.s that hooked the doctor on Monday and fell down the rabbit hole again.  This time, a completely different guy captured my attention.  He is slick and muscular and fast and looks pretty darn good in that bullet proof vest.  I just wish it was me he was calling “baby girl.”  Swoon. 

And then I got to thinking…neither one of these men, Dr. Gregory House or Special Agent Derek Morgan is really all I want “I need a man who can take control, hot enough that…” (wasn’t that a song way back??!)  Okay, so I guess I like the “take control” type.  But my amygdala (emotional control center) is responding to various aspects of these two men. 

Would I really want Dr. House just as he is presented?  Not so much.  Derek Morgan?  Yeh..maybe.  I mean, if the two men actually showed up at my door on XYZ Court and asked me on a date, I probably wouldn’t turn them down.  Not that they would.  No Hollywood man has ever done that, nor will he.  (And yes, I did tell my darling hubby that.  He shrugged and said, “have fun.”)

What I think I want is a nice hybrid of the two.  Sexy, smart doctor who has the bullet-proof vest and gun holstered to his belt.  I like the idea of medical mystery meets pyschopath.  I like the unconventional wisdom Dr. House exhibits and the mind games Derek Morgan solves.  I like the fast-paced medical field and I also dig the completely bizzare psycho-babble.  I love it all. 

The funny thing is, I’ve actually had dreams about Dr. House saving me from some medical trauma… then we kiss and run off into the sunset…but I’ve never had a dream about Derek Morgan.  Wonder what Special Agent Morgan would say about those mind games?! 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday February 24th 2011. 

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