Cute & Simple (Friday)
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Cute & Simple: It’s back…

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I am totally and completely addicted to my technology.  Not that I have all that much of it, mind you.  I have a laptop and a Windows 7 phone.  That’s it.  I am mostly addicted to email and writing.  I could care less about apps and checking social network sites (although I do check those periodically–just with less determination).  After 5 full days of my computer being worked on by the Geek Squad, I am now back to emailing, blogging, revising, and generally hooked to my screen. 

I have missed blogging, but I’m baaack…

  • This Monday, March 21st will start back up with Apraxia Monday and an interview with Kate Welder of “Apraxia Speaks.”  She would also like to give away a copy of her e-book, “Apraxia Explained” to a lucky blog reader!  So stay tuned to Leslie4Kids for more!! 
  • Small Talk: All About Apraxia is a small, educationally-driven group designed to help you understand and cope with CAS.  It’s starting soon…Tuesday, April 5th at Panera Bread in Naperville.  It’s FREE and open to anyone who cares about a child with CAS.  Reserve your spot today by contacting me at Hope to see you there! 
  • Tonight, Windy City Apraxia meets! 

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