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In My Brain Today: Not as Planned

I had a great plan for today.  I was  going to get up and get myself to the gym.  It’s been since Monday and I am typically a once-a-day kind of girl.  I have had sick kids and random pediatrician appoitments putting a kink in the treadmill plans.  Anyway, little Kelly was going to go to the kids room and I was going to sweat.  Afterwards, Kelly was going to go home with one of her nearest and dearest “boyfriends” and his family for lunch and a little playtime.  I would have all afternoon to write and revise.  Ahh….heaven (well, sort of). 

That was until I was awakened at 6:45am by a kid crying out for me.  I heard, “Mommmmmy.  I need mommmmy.”  I rolled over, rubbed my eyes, looked at the alarm clock, hopeful it wasn’t really one of my kids.  But it was.  I heard the pathetic groan again and flopped out of bed. 

Kate was downstairs wimpering about not feeling well.  First of all, if I was that sick, I’d still be in bed…alas I am not a 6-year old.  For Kate to wimper, it usually means she’s serious.  She’s no wolf.  So, I ran down, biteguard in place, hair askew and asked, “What’s the problem, pumpkin?” 

“My ear hurts really bad.  My neck [throat], too.” 

The worst goes through my head: strep throat, double-ear infection.  I take her temp.  Low-grade.  Very low-grade.  But she looks and sounds pathetic.  I call the doctor.  No one to take our calls till 8:15am.  I call the school.  Kate’s not coming today.  Mommy won’t get any writing done today.  The glorious afternoon of no interruptions interrupted by an ear infection.  Ugh.  Why?  I had the perfect day planned.  To a “T.”

The first appointment, even for a sick kid isn’t until 10:50am.  I take it.  Minutes after hanging up the phone, she is hopping all over the house.  She is “making” books, and using my stapler, and an entire roll of scotch tape.  Little sister wakes up and now they are playing.  I am still in my pajamas and biteguard, shaking my head: “What is going on?” 

We go to the doctor.  Happy kids.  No one seems sick.  I am annoyed.  I am $30 less rich.  “An impressive amount of fluid and some redness in that left ear.  No strep,” the pediatrician chirps.  I feel like rolling my eyes. 

As we walk out, Kate wimpers again, “But my ear really hurts, mom.”  I tell her I know so (or do I?).  I tell her that I don’t really think there is much we can do about it but go to school. 

She grumbles at me.  I grumble back.  I stop at Walgreens and pick up Motrin.  Her lunch is packed and ready to go in the car, “Eat up, I tell her.  Be careful, I packed chicken noodle soup.  You can drink it like a mug.” 

She scowles at me.  “Hey, at least it’s ‘sick food,'” I attempt to be positive. 

I think my darling kindergartner was hoping for a day of snuggles and mommy time.  Well, it ain’t so, kiddo! 

Meanwhile, Kid #2 still has hopes of spending the afternoon with her latest preschool crush.  I drive clear across town with her lunch in hand so she may dine with the Larson boys. 

Ah yes…as for me, I get an attunuated writer’s “block.”  Not as planned.    

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday March 31, 2011. 

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