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Write on, Wednesday! UofW-Madison Writer’s Institute

My head is still trying to untangle all of the  wonderful information gained while attending the Writer’s Institute this past weekend.  Aside from the fact that I felt like an ancient relic strolling about the college campus, it was enlightening in many ways. 

On a whim, I pitched a novel idea (he,he) to a New York agent.  Most of the folks attending this event had planned well in advance that they would be “pitching.”  They practiced, they prepared, and paid the extra $15 to do so.  Not me.  I didn’t think I would do it at all.  After all, I am under a tight deadline the wrap up my non-fiction manuscript.  I was just going to focus on the non-fiction world, and get back to my novel later.  Much later.  But I pitched anyway.  It was invigorating.  I was astonished at my own ability to pull from the back of my brain the substance that made up my story.  I did it with aplomb, I might add. 

 Alas the agent I was pitching to said, “Leslie, you are doing a fantastic job with your pitch.  But you do know that I am a non-fiction agent, yes?”  I did.  I admitted that I was placed on her list sort of by accident.  She understood.  “But you know your story.  You have a great story.  I am going to pass this on to April [another agent].”  She asked if I had anything else.  I did.  I told her all about my next idea for a parenting book.  She liked it!  She handed me her card, akin to the “golden ticket,” “When you finish this one [you are working on], I would be very interested in your Toy Trade Tuesday book.” 

Okay, so that was just one 8-minute experience at the great Institute.  Alas, now I have not one, but two additional books to write that I never fully intended to even mention!! (I informally pitched an idea to an editor at a kids social-emotional publisher!) 

These conferences are just fuel to the creative soul’s fire!  ….And now back to revisions on book #1.

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