Leslie writes about motherhood, mental illness, grief, houses/homes, architecture and design. She drives a deep interest in place and how that shapes us, as well as the interstitial connection of family, dysfunction, and the symmetry and parallels of nature.


Photography: Western Michigan Review, Summer 2023

Prose Poetry: “Clothes on the Line,” May 2023

A visual review of INFORMATION DESK: An Epic Poem by Robin Schiff (PRH Poets, August 2023) for DIAGRAM.

An interview with Alice Carriere, author of EVERYTHING/NOTHING/SOMEONE: A Memoir (S&G, August 29) 

 “The Mothers,” for Pact Press’ Fall 2024 anthology, Becoming Real: Women Reclaim the Power of the Imagined through Speculative Nonfiction.

Recently Published

A Conversation with Jasmine Brown, author of TWICE AS HARD (Beacon Press, Feb 2023) and Cassandra Jackson, author of THE WRECK: A Daughter’s Memoir of Becoming a Mother (Viking, May 2023) for Hippocampus Magazine

A Dialogue-in-Review with Priscilla Gilman, author of THE CRITIC’S DAUGHTER (W.W. Norton, Feb 2023), for North American Review. 

Hybrid: “Ampersand & Ephemera” in DASH Literary Journal, May 2023 (print only)

Photography: Wild Roof Journal, Spring-Summer 2023

Poetry: Trundle & History of Present Illness. Neologism Poetry Journal, vol. 71 April 2023

A Conversation with poet Pattiann Rogers, author of FLICKERING; The Flicker That Connects All Life (Penguin Poets, April 4 2023),  LiteraryHub, April 2023

Model Home: A Study Under Compression, a photo essay in miniature, On the Seawall, April 2023. 

Poetry:  “Crevasse” Ballast Literary Journal, April 2023 and in dialogue with Luke Johnson. 

Poetry: “Collapse” Empyrean Literary Journal, March 2023.

A conversation with Tanya Frank, author of ZIG-ZAG BOY: A Memoir of Motherhood & Madness (Viking, Feb 2023), Hippocampus Magazine, spring 2023. 

Prose: “Pink” in Pink Plastic Houses, February 2023.

Prose: “The House” in Heimat Review, January 2023.

“Answers to Queries,” a hybrid piece about an genealogy mystery. ELJ Editions/Scissors & Spackle, Fall 2022

A review-in-dialogue with Nicole McCarthy, author of A SUMMONING (Heavy Feather, Review, 2022), CRAFT Literary, Winter 2023.

A conversation with Gayle Brandeis, author of DRAWING BREATH: Essays on Writing, the Body, & Loss (Overcup Press, Feb 2023), Hippocampus Magazine, spring 2023.

A Conversation with Juliet Patterson about her memoir, Sinkhole: A Legacy of Suicide (Milkweed Editions, September 2022), Hippocampus Magazine, November/December 2022

A review-in-diagram featuring Your Hearts, Your Scars (Bellevue Literary Press, January 2023) by Adina Talve-Goodman, edited by  Hanna Tinti and Sarika Talve-Goodman, DIAGRAM, 2023.

A conversation with Kathryn Gahl, author of The Yellow Toothbrush: A Memoir of Trauma and Mercy (Two Shrews Press, 2022), touching on aspects of maternal mental health, abandonment, filicide, and more, MER, November 2022.

A review-in-conversation with Sarah Fawn Montgomery, about place, displacement, feeling haunted, and more in her essay collection, Halfway from Home (Split/Lip Press, Nov 2022), Hippocampus Magazine, November 2022. 

A Conversation with Erin Keane, EIC of Salon on her journalistic memoir, Runaway: Notes on the Myths that Made Me,  exploring forensics, films, fashion, and so much more in her complicated family dynamics (Belt Publishing, September 2022), Autofocus, November 2022. 

A dialogue-in-review with Su Cho about her debut collection, The Symmetry of Fish (Penguin Poets, October 2022), The Cincinnati Review, Fall 2022

“Interiors,” prose. SEPIA Journal, Issue 6. October/November 2022

A conversation with Sheila O’Connor: Elegantly Exploring the Nonlinear about The Evidence of V: A Novel in Facts, Fragments, and Fictions (Rose Metal Press, 2019), Fractured Literary, October 2022

An essay-in-review: Artifacts, Essays, and Exploring a Non-Binary Genre featuring Kristine Langley Mahler’s “Curing Season: Artifacts” (University of West Virginia Press, October 2022), Brevity Magazine

In Conversation with Lauren Acampora: Constructive Friction, featuring The Hundred Waters (Grove/Atlantic, August 2022), The Millions, October 2022.

In Conversation with Sabine Hossenfelder, author of Existential Physics: A Scientist’s Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions  (Viking, August 9 2022), Hippocampus Magazine. 

Point of Entry: Writing Workshops in the Treehouse. The Smart Set, August 25, 2022.

In Conversation with Carla Zaccagnini, author/artist of CUENTOS de CUENTAS (K.Verlag/Amant, spring 2022), The Millions, August 1, 2022. 

The Emotional Weight of Space: Symmetry in Chaos, Levitate Magazine, spring 2022.

In Conversation with Marie Myung-Ok Lee, author of THE EVENING HERO: I write to Find Out  (Simon & Schuster, May 2022), The Millions, May 19, 2022.

The Midwessay: Fragmented Thoughts on Being a Missouri Girl in ‘the north,’ Essay Daily, May 9, 2022. 

In Conversation with Maud Newton, author of ANCESTOR TROUBLE: A Reckoning and Reconciliation (Random House, March 29, 2022), Hippocampus Magazine, May 2022.

In Conversation with Kim Adrian, author of The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet, The Florida Review, spring 2022.

Breaking Ground, the tiny journal, April 2022.

Making Space: Cicadas & My Mother, ANMLY, April 2022. 

The Rural Hours (#37)The Visual Verse Anthology, March 2022.

In conversation with Mary Laura Philpott, author of BOMB SHELTER: A Memoir in Essays (Atria, April 2022) Hippocampus Magazine, March 2022. 

In conversation with Siri Hustvedt, author of MOTHERS, FATHERS, & OTHERS (Simon & Schuster, December 2021), The Rumpus, early spring 2022. 

Nickels on Eyes, Flash Frog Literary

In conversation with Dr. Galit Atlas, author of EMOTIONAL INHERITANCE (Little, Brown Spark, January 25 2022), Hippocampus Magazine

“A Conversation with Donald Antrim, author of ONE FRIDAY IN APRIL: A Story of Suicide & Survival, Hippocampus Magazine.

A Conversation with Laraine Herring, author of A CONSTELLATION OF GHOSTS: A Speculative Memoir,” Hippocampus Magazine.

“Baby Jars,” Agapanthus Collective

“Thresholds,” A Door = Jar Literary Magazine 

SPEAKING OF APRAXIA: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech, audio edition, narrated by author, Penguin Random House July 6


“Saying Good-bye to Childhood One Book at a Time,” Literary Mama 

Local Woman Writing: A Walking Tour with Mary Kubica, Women Fiction Writers

“Navigating Choppy Waters,” Moms Don’t Have Time to Write: Travel 

Fourteen, Mutha Magazine 

“A Reading List of Memoirs on Motherhood & Mental Illness,” The Mighty. 

“Reading to Write: Leslie Lindsay on the Long Journey to her Memoir,” Read Her Like an Open Book.

“Disinheriting Madness & Other Traits,” Runs in the Family|Psychology Today.

“My Mother’s House,” Semicolon Literary Journal.

Snapshots: The Old Farmhouse. The Family Narrative Project.

Suite of Poetry: “My Mother’s Madness.” Coffin Bell Journal, Vol. 3. No. 3.

“Material That Matters,” Brave Voices Literary Magazine, No. 4. [Print only. Reprinted here]

Reader’s Response. Poets & Writers Magazine September/October 2019 [Print Only].

“Children, Caution,” Cleaver Magazine. Issue 24.

“Phantom Tears.” Ruminate: The Waking. 

“Material, Pithead Chapel. Vol. 7, Issue 5.

Pretentious Backside. Common Ground Review, Vol. 19, Issue 2. Visit website 

“Is Writing a Memoir Automatically Therapeutic?” A Craft Essay on Writing about Mental Illness. Cleaver Magazine.

“My Mother is Crazy.” Manifest-Station.

“Sorting.” The Nervous Breakdown.


Speaking of Apraxia: A Parents’ Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech, updated, 2nd edition. Woodbine House, 2020.

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MODEL HOME: Excavating My Mother’s Mental Illness

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