By Leslie Lindsay Write on, Wednesday: Decontrusting a Novel

Might it be my love for books, the written word, my own curiosity, or a combination…but I absolutely adore connecting with other writers!

Want to join others who have been featured on my literary blog? Of course you do!  Here’s a sampling of those who have appeared–

Lauren Acampora (THE WONDER GARDEN), veteran R.N. Juliana Adams (THE JOY OF NURSING), V.S. Alexander (THE MAGDALEN GIRLS) ; debut author Kim van Alkamade (ORPHAN #8)notable author Emily Arsenault (THE EVENING SPIDER) Internationally bestselling Lisa Ballantyne (EVERYTHING SHE FORGOT), Fiona Barton (THE WIDOW), master of the small-town suspense David Bell (BRING HER HOME, others) Robin Black (CRASH COURSE); master storyteller Chris Bohjalian (SLEEPWALKER, others); delightful and poignant Lynne Branard (TRAVELING LIGHT) Karen Brown (THE LONGINGS OF WAYWARD GIRLS), Elizabeth Brundage (ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR), Kate Braithwaite (CHARLATAN), historical fiction from James William Brown (MY LAST LAMENT) Josie Brown (SECRET LIVES OF HUSBANDS & WIVES) Carla Buckley (THE GOOD GOOD-BYE) debut psych thriller writer Alexandra Burt (REMEMBER MIA, THE GOOD DAUGHTER), Deb Caletti (HE’S GONE), J.L. Callison (ROMSON’S LODGE) International bestseller Diane Chamberlain (PRETENDING TO DANCE, others), bestselling women’s fiction author Holly Chamberlan (HOME FOR THE SUMMER) Tanya Chernov (A REAL EMOTIONAL GIRL)Melissa Cistaro (PIECES OF MY MOTHER); the lovely Meg Waite Clayton (THE RACE FOR PARIS, THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS, others), Ariella Cohen (THE SWEET BREATH OF MEMORY); Sarah Cornwell (WHAT I HAD BEFORE I HAD YOU);brilliant and gracious Jane Corry (MY HUSBAND’S WIFE)  Lacy Crawford (EARLY DECISION),   historical novelist Fiona Davis (THE DOLLHOUSE); Lori Rader-Day (THE BLACK HOUR, LITTLE PRETTY THINGS, THE DAY I DIED), debut author Sarah Domet (THE GUINEVERES) International bestselling author Emma Donoghue (THE WONDER) Pamela Erens (ELEVEN HOURS), children’s and middle grade author Mary Feliciani (THE MAGIC LEAF, HUMANITARIANS, VISIONARIES, HEROES & YOU) Michelle Gable (I’LL SEE YOU IN PARIS, THE BOOK OF SUMMER), sweeping historical fiction and sagas by Margaret George (THE CONFESSIONS OF YOUNG NERO); fun and feisty co-authors J.J. Gesher (A NARROW BRIDGE) the poetic and moving Thomas Christopher Greene (THE HEADMASTER’S WIFE, IF I FORGET YOU), raw and honest literary fiction from Bryn Greenwood (ALL THINGS UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL) historical fiction from Anne Girard (PLATINUM DOLL) bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf (MISSING PIECES, NOT A SOUND), Jason Gurley (ELEANOR), lyrical and poetic Sharon Guskin (THE FORGETTING TIME) bestselling author T. Greenwood (WHERE I LOST HER, THE GOLDEN HOUR), bestselling author John Hart (REDEMPTION ROAD) the lovely Kate Hamer (THE GIRL IN THE RED COAT), two-times Edgar winner John Hart (REDEMPTION ROAD) instant bestseller Paula Hawkins (GIRL ON THE TRAIN), Elizabeth Heiter (HUNTED), gorgeous, sweet bestselling Sally Hepworth (THE THINGS WE KEEP, THE MOTHER’S PROMISE), magical and moving Amy Impellizzeri (LEMONGRASS HOPE, THE SECRETS OF WORRY DOLLS) David Jaher (THE WITCH OF LIME STREET), lyrical and poetic Julie Christine Johnson (IN ANOTHER LIFE), masterful debut from Lisa Ko (THE LEAVERS) #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE HISTORIAN Elizabeth Kostova (THE SHADOW LANDS) gorgeous and generous Christina Baker Kline (A PIECE OF THE WORLD), the hilarious and prolific Cathy Lamb (THE LANGUAGE OF SISTSERS), page-turning domestic thrillers from Shari Lapena (THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR, A STRANGER IN THE HOUSE), the lovely bestselling Caroline Leavitt (IS THIS TOMORROW, CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD), food memorist Dawn Lerman (MY FAT DAD)debut authors Emily Liebert (YOU KNEW ME WHEN); Deborah Lincoln (historical fiction–AGNES CANON’S WAR), Eric Lotke’s tale of social justice (MAKING MANNA) Laura Lippman (WILDE LAKE); debut authors Emily Liebert (YOU KNEW ME WHEN); Deborah Lincoln (historical fiction–AGNES CANON’S WAR), Eric Lotke’s tale of social justice (MAKING MANNA) Laura Lippman (WILDE LAKE), fun and poignant Benjamin Ludwig (GINNY MOON) yrical and deep Bianca Marias (HUM IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE WORDS) the dark and menacing stories of Kimberly McCreight (RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA, WHERE THEY FOUND HER); Internationally bestsellling author Mary Kubica (THE GOOD GIRL, PRETTY BABY, DON’T YOU CRY, EVERYLAST LIE),  Holly Peterson (THE IDEA OF HIM), Laura Munson (THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS),  Andromeda Romano-Lax (BEHAVE) Greer Macallister (THE MAGICIAN’S LIE), Gilly Macmillian (WHAT SHE KNEW, THE PERFECT GIRL), Sarah McCoy (THE MAPMAKER’S CHILDREN), veteran storyteller and instructor Margaret McMullan (AFTERMATH LOUNGE, EVERY FATHER’S DAUGHTER, etc.), bestselling author Catherine McKenzie (FRACTURED), International bestselling Kate Moretti (THE VANISHING YEAR); Amy Sue Nathan (THE GLASS WIVES), Rena Olsen (THE GIRL BEFORE); kind and funny Ella Joy Olson (ROOT, PETAL, THORN) B.A. Paris (BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, THE BREAKDOWN) Suzanne Redfearn (HUSH LITTLE BABY, NO ORDINARY LIFE), Deepa Remesh (MISS TREE TALES series); Helen Klein Ross (WHAT WAS MINE); the introspective and complex story of INDELIBLE by debut author Adelia SaundersKelly Simmons (ONE MORE DAY);  short-story master Helen Simpson (COCKFOSTERS) the hugely prolific Lisa Scottoline (MOST WANTED, DAMAGED) Simone St. James (THE HAUNTING OF MADDY CLAIRE), the well-traveled Jacqueline Sheehan (THE CENTER OF THE WORLD), Dark and brilliant psych suspense bestselling author Chevy Stevens (NEVER LET YOU GO, others) Writer’s Digest editor-turned-author Jessica Strawser’s debut (ALMOST MISSED YOU). the lovely Cynthia Swanson (THE BOOKSELLER), Erika Swyler (THE BOOK OF SPECULATION), mental health advocate and writer Natasha Tracy (LOST MARBLES) Rhodes Scholar Jessica Teich (THE FUTURE TENSE OF JOY) Paul Tremblay (A HEAD FULL OF GHOSTS), award-winning bestselling thriller writer Lisa Unger (IN THE BLOOD, CRAZY LOVE YOU, INK & BONE, THE RED HUNTER), dark and menacing Wendy Walker (EMMA IN THE NIGHT)Wendy Webb (THE TALE OF HALCYON CRANE, others), singer-song writer Matt Wertz, Karen White (THE TRADD STREET series) Heather Young (THE LOST GIRLS) Hester Young (THE GATES OF EVANGELINE)

…as well as a myriad of non-fiction experts in the fields of parenting, education, AD/HD, speech & language issues, and more. 

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What’s in it for YOU:

  • Book promotion. As the literary world narrows (sigh), readers find it more difficult to find the books that invigorate and enlighten. Think of your guest post as a way to increase visibility.
  • A way to toot your own horn. Okay, I hate the way that sounds, but well…you know, this is warm, welcoming spot to share your work.

How it works:

  • You need to be a PUBLISHED author. I gravite toward thought-provoking fiction. Dark and slightly psychological is nice, but not mandatory. Same goes for a strong female protagonist.
  • I require a physical copy of the book. It can be an ARC or finished copy, but please nothing electronic. Carrying around an actual book gives it more visibility, a conversation piece, and more books sold for you. Plus, I’m kind of a Luddite.
  • Interviews work great. I compose the questions, send ’em your way, you complete at leisure, and then send back to me. Don’t worry–they’re not that personal : )
  • If you’d rather write your own piece on the writing craft, creativity, inspiration, your process, something else, then by all means go write right ahead.
  • I’ll promote your appearance before and after on social media (Facebook, Twitter mostly).
  • Afterwards, you get the link of your interview/piece to share however you see fit (website, social media, your agent/editor/publisher).

Dot your i’s & cross your t’s:

  • Make sure you attach your interview/guest piece in an email and send to me at:
  • Also include:
  • Your bio.
  • A clear, lovely headshot.
  • Social media handles.
  • A way to get our hands on your book.
  •  Your mailing address. I always follow-up with a big old-fashioned hand-written THANK YOU card. This can be a P.O. Box, your agent or publicist’s address, or your home. I promise it will never be used for anything else. Ever.

Interested? Give me a holler at


“Leslie: Just got back from a few days up north [and] arrived home to find your lovely note—so creative and fun! Thanks so much for your kind words. They mean a great deal to me, especially after the long, hard road I have traveled to break into print. My goal has always been to write the best books I can, and tell a good story in an engaging and literate manner. Notes like yours make it easier for me to carry on.Cheers, and Happy New Year to you!”
~Author of THE MAGDALEN GIRLS (Kensington, 2016)
“Like reading in a sun-dappled dream” – only you could make a comment on a book just as beautiful as the novel itself!
~Publicist at NYC house

“This looks great! Thanks for sending, and sharing widely! I’ll pass along to Elizabeth so that she can share with her followers as well.”

~Senior Publicist. Author of ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR (Alfred A. Knopf, 2016)

“Leslie, you asked such great questions!  I loved this opportunity! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I need YOUR snail mail to send you a hand painted thank you!”

~Caroline Leavitt, author of CRUEL BEAUTIFUL WORLD (Algonquin, 2016) 

Leslie, Thank you so much for the awesome review. It is beautifully written and inspirational to say the least. I am so glad that your children enjoyed it, and that it generated a discussion. No author can ask for more. ~Mary Felciani

“Masterfully done!” ~Diane Chamberlain 

Hi Leslie–
I came home from tour to your lovely thank you note. So sweet. I loved the typewriter! Thanks for thinking of me!
All best, Chevy [Stevens, bestselling author of NEVER LET YOU GO and others] 
“Sweet @LeslieLindsay1 sends the BEST thank-yous (look what’s in the typewriter)!”

“Leslie! You did such an incredible job with MY HUSBAND’S WIFE. Thank you!” ~Viking/Pamela Dorman Books Publicist

“Dear Leslie, I have just opened your beautiful thank you letter which Penguin forwarded to me from the States. I am more touched than I can say. What beautiful detail – both on the note and the back of the envelope. I will keep it with my treasured possessions on my dressing table. Thank you so much. Do keep in touch.”
Very warm regards,

“Leslie, you always ask the BEST questions. [Cracking fingers and neck]. Can’t wait to dive in.”

~Alexandra Burt, author of REMEMBER MIA and THE GOOD DAUGHTER

“You do such an incredible job. This interview turned out beautifully. THANK YOU!”

~Sally Hepworth’s publicist, St. Martin’s Press

“[…]You ask damn good questions that are informative and entertaining.”


A longtime “cover to cover” WD reader interviews our editor about her top 3 writing lessons, novel inspiration & more. Thx,@LeslieLindsay1!

This [interview] was such a pleasant one. Thank you so much for including this; I look forward to seeing the blog issue! Warm greetings and all the best to you in your work,

Elizabeth Kostova author of THE SHADOW LANDS (Random House/Ballantine, 2017)

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