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  1. Hi Leslie,

    Thank you for your wonderfully informative book…what a gift!

    In your research, have you found any correlation between CAS and toilet training. We have a 3.5 yr old girl diagnosed with CAS and, although she understands the toilet and what it is for, she uses it very seldom. We certainly r not that concerned, but we r curious.

    Thank you, Anne Lemke

    • Hi Anne-
      Thank you for your lovely comments. So glad you’ve enjoyed the book. I have heard *some* parents of a child with CAS say they feel particularly challenged by their child’s lack of interest in the potty, but I haven’t come across any research indicating that the avoidance of potty training can be directly related to CAS. As a side note/off-the-cuff, there *may* be some global fine/gross motor impairments which can affect both speech and potty training.

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