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Leslie A. Lindsay|Always with a Book

Might it be my love for books, the written word, my own curiosity, or a combination…but I absolutely adore connecting with authors.

Here’s the comprehensive list of all interviews I’ve conducted since 2013. So grateful and excited to share these amazing authors and books.




If you decide to read–or purchase–a book you’ve learned about through my author interview series, please give it the hashtag, #alwayswithabook or #authorinterviewseries in your social media shares. That way, I can follow along with your reading. You can even tag me @LeslieLindsay1 on Twitter and Instagram Follow & Friend me on Goodreads for a comprehensive look at my reading journey.


If you’re looking for a specific interview, you might try Googling “Leslie Lindsay + title or author” of the book you are seeking. That often generates lots of hits.


My reading tastes tend to gravitate toward literary, upmarket fiction often with a historical slant. I’m also a sucker for Midwestern Gothics, psych suspense/thriller, & memoir; particularly with a mental health/illness aspect. 


Slideshows feature original book photography designed and photographed in my home studio and shared on Instagram. You can follow me on Instagram @leslielindsay1.


Reach out directly, or have your publicist shoot me an email. More about how it works below.


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There are only 26 letters in the English alphabet. And myriad ways of sharing messages.

Leslie A. Lindsay|Always with a Book

From writing to reading and promotion of books, I’m here to help nurture your love for all things literary. My versatility and passion for books are evident in the diversity of authors and in-house publicists I have collaborated with. My interests span many genres, with a specialization in literary and commercial fiction, especially those with a historical slant; a variety of non-fiction including memoir, health, medical, science, mental health, and travel. I’ve attended many writing conferences, most recently at Northwestern University and the University of Madison-Wisconsin. Jane Friedman has referred to my author interview series and book reviews as one of the ‘most influential’ in the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 700 debut and bestselling authors since 2013. I’m also part of the Tall Poppy Writer/Blogger family #tallpoppyblogger. I was awarded a top 1% GoodReads Reviewer in 2015. I read approximately 100 books/year. My writing has been featured in print and online literary journals. I’m the author of the award-winning Speaking of Apraxia: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I also manage and curate material for two Facebook pages, one devoted entirely to writing and reading, the other on childhood speech/parenting and special needs.  Occasionally, I read/review and blurb on the cover of a special needs book, like this one from Teresa Unnerstall, A NEW COURSE: A Mother’s Journey Navigating Down’s Syndrome and Autism.  

Read + Review + Publicity Lite:

I’ll read and provide a balanced review your book (on GoodReads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble), and then craft personalized interview questions for you to complete at leisure via email. Next, I format and share that interview on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Embedded within the interview are order links to your book, hand-selected images, as well as  links to your social media. I’ll make sure you have a finished link as well. Readers want to know the person behind the book. They want to know your inspiration, your struggles, your research, and your routines. They like themes and writing advice, and your obsessions. In the meantime, I’ll snap an artistic photo (like the ones above) of your book and share on Instagram with appropriate hashtags for easy keyword searches. Please, if you re-post or want to use that photo, give me a shout. I’ll provide a Twitter pub-day shout as well.Aerial View Of Residential Houses In Suburban Neighborhood, New Jersey, USA When something else big comes up, like your book was selected as a Tonight Show Summer Read (ahem, ASK AGAIN, YES by Mary Beth Keane), then I’ll link your previous interview with news articles and blast that around the Internet as well. Duration of campaign: Varies. You get about 2-3 weeks lead time to complete your interview. I might put out a ‘coming up in August/November/whenever’ post before your interview ‘airs’ and will stagger social media shouts over 60 days prior to 3 days after.


All I ask is an ARC (advance reader copy) or finished copy. Please have your publicist reach out  to inquire about availability.


I am grateful to collaborate with a group of brilliant publicists at NYC publishing houses including, but not limited to:
  • Alfred A. Knopf
  • Algonquin Books
  • Beacon Press
  • Dutton/Plume Books 
  • Crown Publishers
  • Counterpoint
  • Grove Atlantic
  • Farrar, Straus & Giroux
  • Flatiron Books
  • Harper Collins/MIRA/Park Row
  • Henry Holt & Company 
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Kensington
  • Little A
  • Little, Brown & Co.
  • MacMillian Publishers/St. Martin’s Press
  • Milk Weed Editions
  • Simon & Schuster/Touchstone/Scribner
  • Sourcebooks,
  • The Random House Family (Penguin, Berkley, Viking, Pamela Dorman, Speigel & Grau)
  • Tin House
  • (John) Wiley (& Sons)

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