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Published December 2020 by Woodbine House, this second edition is up-to-date with the newest research, definitions, resources, and more. It’s been a labor of love…but I am so proud of this edition and cannot wait to share it all with you.

So impressed with this awesome work! Every chapter was SO easy to get through and jam-packed with gold nuggets for parents and caregivers!”


Penguin Random House to publish the audio version of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA, narrated by the author, Leslie A. Lindsay. Pre-order now! Available July 6, 2021. 

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“[A] vital addition to any childhood educational research collection, highly recommended.”
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#1 Amazon bestseller in communication disorders/special education


Check out this piece about my timeline in writing and narrating/recording SPEAKING OF APRAXIA


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Read my Q&A with daughter,

Kate at 15, talks about the residual effects of her CAS diagnosis (Part 2/2) and she asks me questions about the new edition here (Part 1/2).


“The tone is friendly, the voice confident and authoritative and, perhaps the best part, readers really get the chance to know Lindsay as both a mom and medical expert.”

~Foreword Reviews, 2020

Join me in conversation with the knowledgeable & fun

Becca Eisenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP|Language During Mealtime

…as we chat about the new edition of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA, making the most of the pandemic, advice to parents of children recently diagnosed with CAS, and more. leslieinsta

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“Speaking of Apraxia is a phenomenal resource for any caregiver interested in learning more about apraxia! This book is a jewel that combines an easy-to-read format with valuable tips, inspiring anecdotes and spot-on information. My new go-to resource for my clients with CAS and their families!”

-Tinita O. Kearney, PhD, CCC-SLP Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist

I chat with the lovely and generous Dana Hall, apraxia mom, psychotherapist, and children’s author of BEYOND WORDS about

DanaHallHeadshot her son, Shawn-Michael’s CAS diagnosis, about being kind, inclusive, and mindful. Plus, things to do with your children that build language skills during quarantine.



Clarion Review from Forword Books Reviews, December 31, 2020

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Read my Q&A with Dr. Tinita O. Kearney, CCC-SLP about her lift-the-flap children’s book, LOLA KOALA’S TRAVEL ADVENTURES.

Join us here for a spotlight on how you can incorporate speech-language practice into your everyday routine.

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“[SPEAKING OF APRAXIA] leaves parents feeling a sense of relief and understanding of CAS; Lindsay is reassuring and analyzes the unique necessities and raw emotions of childhood apraxia of speech […] such an easy, yet enjoyable read! This text is the epitome of being proactive, rather than reactive, as a parent. This book examines thorough approaches and depicts professionalism and personal experience. Highly recommend!

-Nichole Kelso, M.A.T., LBS1, The Apraxia Connection Board Member, and mother of Austin

“Leslie Lindsay has provided parents with an invaluable resource by expertly weaving research and real life in a straightforward manner that serves to inform and empower the reader. Speaking of Apraxia is a practical, hands-on resource written in a voice that integrates the academic understanding of a nursing professional with the honesty and emotion of a mother with a child with CAS.  Brimming with strategies, suggestions, and anecdotes, this comprehensive book is essential reading for anyone who loves a child with CAS.”

-Katie Eshleman, M.A., board-certified music therapist.

Join me in conversation with TalkYoga.

We discuss the value of combining speech & yoga to teach kids. Here’s what else Kim Hughes, M.A., CCC-SLP and Amy Roberts, M.S., CCC-SLP have to say about SPEAKING OF APRAXIA: 

“Leslie is the award-winning/#1 Amazon bestseller special needs/parenting/communication disorder book, SPEAKING OF APRAXIA, 2nd edition. She has also collaborated with various top-ranking pediatric SLPs in her research for the book.”

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Now available in an updated, second edition, Speaking of Apraxia (Woodbine House, November 2020), is an award-winning resource on Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Eight years ago, when Leslie Lindsay, former Child & Adolescent Psychiatric R.N., and mother to a daughter with CAS—now resolved—couldn’t find any parent-friendly books to help her child and family with CAS, she wrote one. This updated, well-researched, and comprehensive work provides readers the benefit of her experience and perspective.

CAS is a neurological, motor-based speech disorder which creates a disruption to speech movement and timing. Even though children want to speak, the coordination difficulty results in limited and unclear speech. With intensive speech-language therapy, children can expand their speech ability and intelligibility. SPEAKING OF APRAXIA provides in-depth guidance and support for families of children with CAS and the professionals who provide services. It covers:

  • introduction to speech, language & listening
  • explanation of CAS
  • what to do when you suspect your child has CAS
  • getting a speech evaluation
  • meeting with a speech-language pathologist
  • getting the CAS diagnosis
  • possible causes
  • diagnoses related to CAS
  • speech therapy best suited for CAS
  • complementary & alternative approaches
  • activities & materials to support therapy at home
  • creating a language-rich environment for speech
  • coping with CAS as a family
  • understanding & tending to your child’s feelings
  • networking, advocating & resources
  • when CAS resolves, what’s next?

Supportive and encouraging, Speaking of Apraxia gives readers the detailed information they need to get working on all aspects of their child’s CAS. Additional helpful content includes resources, a glossary, and appendices about possible co-occurring conditions, health insurance, camp and enrichment programs, and speech and language milestones.

For the 2021 ApraxiaMonday Q&A series, featuring various SLPs, clinics, and more, please visit: 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Leslie A. Lindsay, R.N., B.S.N. is the award-winning author of Speaking of Apraxia, originally published in 2012. Leslie’s writing and photography have appeared in various literary journals; she has been recognized as one of the most influential book reviewers, interviewing hundreds of bestselling and debut authors at her website. Leslie is a former Child & Adolescent Psychiatric R.N. at the Mayo Clinic and at work on a memoir. She resides in suburban Chicago. Visit her on Insta/Twitter @leslielindsay1 and the Speaking of Apraxia Facebook Page.   

With quotes and resources from experts in child speech-language pathology/CAS, including Edythe Strand, Ph.D, BC-ANCDS, Ruth Stoeckel, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Margaret (Dee) Fish, M.S., CCC-SLP, Jennie Bjorem, M.A., CCC-SLP, Nancy Kaufman, M.A., CCC-SLP ; plus Erik X. Raj, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Nanette Cote, M.S., CCC-SLP, Renee Mindy, MSEd., Maureen Wilson, M.S., CCC-SLP|The Speech Bubble SLP™,  Ayelet Marinovich, M.A. CCC-SLP| Learn with Less,® Becca Eisenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP| Language During Mealtime,  Mehreen Kakwan, M.A., CCC-SLP, Eden Molineux, M.S., CCC-SLP, among others.           

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         Woodbine House/ Second Edition/ On-Sale December 2020 ISBN: 9781606132937/Paperback/ 440 pages/ 7”x 10”/ Glossary/ Appendices

                                For more information, visit: www.woodbinehouse.com

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         Woodbine House/ Second Edition/ On-Sale December 2020 ISBN: 9781606132937/Paperback/ 440 pages/ 7”x 10”/ Glossary/ Appendices

                                For more information, visit: www.woodbinehouse.com

Published by Woodbine House, a leader in resources on developmental, intellectual, and learning disabilities for parents, children and the professionals who work with them–general and special education teachers, occupational and physical therapists, physicians, social workers, early intervention specialists, job coaches, and psychologists, among others. Under the guidance of an advisory review board, the author combined the latest research and information with her own and other parents’ experiences in a book that will help any family coping with CAS. SPEAKING OF APRAXIA is also a must-have resource for SLPs, occupational therapists (OTs), pediatricians, and other professionals in child development.

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