Second Edition of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA is in the works!

To be published November 2020 by Woodbine House, this second edition is up-to-date with the newest research, definitions, resources, and more. It’s been a labor of love…but I am so proud of this edition and cannot wait to share it all with you.


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“[A] vital addition to any childhood educational research collection, highly recommended.”
Library Bookwatch

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Becca Eisenberg, M.S., CCC-SLP|Language During Mealtime

…as we chat about the new edition of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA, making the most of the pandemic, advice to parents of children recently diagnosed with CAS, and more. leslieinsta

From a parent: 

“I just want to say thank you! Thank you for taking the time to write Speaking of Apraxia. I am only a couple chapters in, but am already so thankful for you and your work. Our firstborn is also a red-headed, blue-eyed girl who is suspected to have CAS. It is so refreshing to hear your views and the others expressed in this book as I can relate to them so, so easily. We have so much wonderful support from our family and friends, but there’s nothing like hearing from someone who has been through it and thrived. Thank you so much!” SOA_mock (2)From the back cover: 

Does your child seem to understand much more than he can say? Does he struggle to say words that all of the other kids his age say effortlessly? If so, he may have childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)–a neurologically based condition that is characterized by difficulties planning and producing the complex set of oral movements necessary for intelligible speech.

SPEAKING OF APRAXIA is a comprehensive guide that offers hope and practical advice for parents of children with CAS. Written with an empathetic style by a parent, this book covers everything from recognizing and diagnosing CAS and working with speech-language pathologists (SLPs), to distinguishing it from other disorders and getting appropriate early intervention and special education support. Covered topics also include:

  • Preparing your child for school
  • Creating a language-rich environment at home
  • Helping your child learn to read
  • Networking within the CAS community
  • Finding complementary and alternative therapies, and much more.

Under the guidance of an advisory review board, the author combined the latest research and information with her own and other parents’ experiences in a book that will help any family coping with CAS. SPEAKING OF APRAXIA is also a must-have resource for SLPs, occupational therapists (OTs), pediatricians, and other professionals in child development.

“Leslie Lindsay has provided parents with an invaluable resource by expertly weaving research and real life in a straightforward manner that serves to inform and empower the reader. Speaking of Apraxia is a practical, hands-on resource written in a voice that integrates the academic understanding of a nursing professional with the honest and emotion of a mother with a child with CAS. The diagnosis of childhood apraxia of speech sets a family on a journey that they no longer have to traverse alone. Brimming with strategies, suggestions, and anecdotes, this comprehensive book is essential reading for anyone who loves a child with CAS.”

~Katie Eshleman, M.A., board certified music therapist and creator of Sing Out and Ta-Da: CDs to Enhance Early Childhood Speech Development

“By sharing many of her own personal experiences, Leslie offers encouragement of children newly diagnosed with childhood apraxia of speech.”

~Holly Olmsted-Hickey, President and Founder of The Apraxia Connection

“The subject area of what is now known as childhood apraxia of speech has changed considerably in the past number of years. This book, written by parent Leslie A. Lindsay, is well written and an excellent resource for parents, educators, and speech-language pathologists. I highly suggest other health care professionals read this as well. It belongs on every therapy’s lending book shelf.”

~Judy Michels Jelm, M.S., CCC-SLP, Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association SLP instructor emeritus

With this book, Leslie Lindsay accomplished a worthy goal: to provide a ‘real book’ that would cover apraxia. IF CAS at all plays a part in your life, you will find yourself reaching for Speaking of Apraxia over and over again.”

Building Blocks Magazine, June 2012

“The tone is friendly, the voice confident and authoritative and, perhaps the best part, readers really get the chance to know Lindsay as both a mom and medical expert.”

~Foreword Reviews

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Published by Woodbine House, a leader in resources on developmental, intellectual, and learning disabilities for parents, children and the professionals who work with them–general and special education teachers, occupational and physical therapists, physicians, social workers, early intervention specialists, job coaches, and psychologists, among others. 

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