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Leslie A. Lindsay|Always with a Book

From writing to reading and promotion of books, I’m here to help nurture your love for all things literary. My versatility and passion for books are evident in the diversity of authors and in-house publicists I have collaborated with. My interests span many genres, with a specialization in literary and commercial fiction, especially those with a historical slant; a variety of non-fiction including memoir, health, medical, science, mental health, and travel.

I’ve attended many writing conferences, most recently at Northwestern University and the University of Madison-Wisconsin. Jane Friedman has referred to my author interview series and book reviews as one of the ‘most influential’ in the industry. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 700 debut and bestselling authors since 2013. I’m also part of the Tall Poppy Writer/Blogger family #tallpoppyblogger. I was awarded a top 1% GoodReads Reviewer in 2015. I read approximately 100 books/year.

My writing has been featured in print and online literary journals. I’m the author of the award-winning Speaking of Apraxia: A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Apraxia of Speech. I also manage and curate material for two Facebook pages, one devoted entirely to writing and reading, the other on childhood speech/parenting and special needs. 

Read + Review + Publicity Lite:

I’ll read and provide a balanced review your book (on GoodReads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble), and then craft personalized interview questions for you to complete at leisure via email.

Next, I format and share that interview on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Embedded within the interview are order links to your book, hand-selected images, as well as  links to your social media. I’ll make sure you have a finished link as well. Readers want to know the person behind the book. They want to know your inspiration, your struggles, your research, and your routines. They like themes and writing advice, and your obsessions.

In the meantime, I’ll snap an artistic photo (like the ones above) of your book and share on Instagram with appropriate hashtags for easy keyword searches. Please, if you re-post or want to use that photo, give me a shout. I’ll provide a Twitter pub-day shout as well.Aerial View Of Residential Houses In Suburban Neighborhood, New Jersey, USA

When something else big comes up, like your book was selected as a Tonight Show Summer Read (ahem, ASK AGAIN, YES by Mary Beth Keane), then I’ll link your previous interview with news articles and blast that around the Internet as well.

Duration of campaign: Varies. You get about 2-3 weeks lead time to complete your interview. I might put out a ‘coming up in August/November/whenever’ post before your interview ‘airs’ and will stagger social media shouts over 60 days prior to 3 days after.


All I ask is an ARC (advance reader copy) or finished copy. Please have your publicist reach out  to inquire about availability.

Writing & Platform/Marketing Consultation:

Is your manuscript ready to go? Have you written to the end? Self-edited? Read the comps? Know the market? What’s a literary agent, anyway? How do you find one? How do you write a query letter? What’s a synopsis and how do you write one? Do you have a platform? Do you need one? How can you increase your social media presence?

We can discuss your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, your opportunities and threats. This might include your social media use/presence, publishing credits, the strength of your community, and the strength of your material.

How it works: Contact me if interested. Much of this can be accomplished via email. In-person meetings are optional if there’s a mutually convenient meeting place.

Fees vary. Contact me for more details, pricing, and information. 

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Critique Services:

You’ve spent a lot of time and effort on that novel/memoir/short story/essay and you’d like another pair of eyes to look at it. That’s smart. That’s exactly what you should do. It’s hard to ask friends and family (What if they hate it? What if they’re just being nice? What if they don’t have time?). That’s where I come in. I am happy to customize to meet your needs.

Line/copy editing only: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice.

$3.00 per page; double-spaced 12-point font

Proof-reading only: Does it make sense?

$2.00 per page; double-spaced 12-point font


You might want a non-biased reader to let you know if your manuscript or work-in-progress (WIP, ms) is working, i.e., character development/arc/motivation, setting/description, or plot holes, theme, pacing, word choice, etc. You pick what you want me to focus on and I will provide feedback on a specific element of your work. I will not touch grammar/spelling/punctuation because that’s not what a beta reader does. That’s the job of a proofreader. Which I can do, for an additional fee. 😉 I will give you a 1-2 page written editorial note for ways to improve the piece with comments embedded within your work.


for first 2 pages because this should be a good fit for us both. 

$25 for up to 10 pages.

$50 for up to 20 pages.

$75 for up to 50 pages.

$100 for up to 75 pages.

$150 for up to 100 pages.

Have more pages? No problem. Shoot me an email and we’ll talk.

DEVELOPMENTAL REVIEW/EDIT: I will read your entire piece/manuscript and offer embedded comments, a detailed editorial letter, suggestions for improvement, character development/motivation, word choice, light grammar/proofreading, setting/description, pacing/urgency, theme, formatting, etc. This is the whole enchilada.

Contact me for additional details/pricing.

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QUERY LETTER CONSULTATION/CRITIQUE: If you want to be traditionally published, you need a literary agent. To get one of those, you need a polished manuscript and a darn good (1-page) query letter. I’ll help you. Ready to query? Let’s do this!

$40 includes up to 3 passes through your query letter, 2 emails.

I will not write the query letter for you, nor will I send them on your behalf.

Contact me for additional details/pricing.

SYNOPSIS CONSULTATION/CRITIQUE: Literary agents will often request a synopsis of your manuscript. Authors often can’t see the forest for the trees. A synopsis must include everything about ms, the characters, the reveals, the twists, the ending. A good one is clear, concise, compelling. They usually range in length from 2-3 pages. Sometimes only one. But no more than three. I can read yours and offer feedback.

$50 for up to 3 passes through your synopsis, 2 emails.

I will not write the synopsis for you. But we can brainstorm and draft together. I can help polish, too.

Contact me for additional details/pricing.


Call me old-fashioned or paranoid, or something in-between, but I prefer to work with cash and checks. It’s honest. It’s easy. It’s done. If you want to work with me–yay!–the first step is to send me an email. I will write up a non-legal contract stating what I’ll do, what you’ll do. We both get copies. I’ll give you an estimate of service fees. Once we agree, then I ask for half before services and half after they are complete. This can be mailed to me.

IMG_2525 (1)Leslie Lindsay graduated cum laude from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Nursing and a minor in psychology. She worked at the Mayo Clinic for five years before the publication of her first book, award-winning Speaking of Apraxia. Before all of that, she has always, always loved to read. And write. Next to Cheetos and dogs, it was probably her first love. Much of her personal time is spent reading and writing. Leslie lives in the suburbs of Chicago, with her husband, two teen daughters, and one delightfully adorable basset hound. She pretty much runs the house.


Leslie Lindsay….Always with a Book