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The Teacher is Talking: Guest Blog–Why You Should Support the PTA

By Leslie Lindsay Well, here it is Wednesday and I am  just now turning in my homework.  If I were a real student with a real teacher, the teacher would be reprimanding me for turning in my homework a day late.  Sorry.  I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays that makes it so hard for me to get to the computer and blast out a blog.  Well, actually I do.  It’s that I have about 50 million things I want to do and have to do, so I try to do them all.  Sigh… And now, another faux pas as I am having  someone else do my homework today.  That’s right another guest blog.  This one is all about why parents should join the PTA.  I am a member (but gosh darn it, haven’t gotten to a meeting yet).  I don’t know if my membership has given me anything but braggin’ rights, but well…here goes.  This one is from   The original article just “aired” on Halloween, 10-31-11.  You can find it at: