Hearts and Crafts

It’s Valentines Day weekend.  For those of you with kids, that doesn’t really mean romantic dates and boxes of chocolates.  If it does, consider yourself lucky and me–well, a teensy bit jealous.  What it does mean–at least at our house–a probably yours, too if you’ve got little ones is a house full of crafts.

My oldest daughter, Kate is really into art.  I can’t tell you how many masterpieces she has made for me as I type up my blogs.  Write a sentence, get presented with art.  Have a thought, start to write about it, get a drawing.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the blog.  But the art is so cute and she put some heart into it.  Here’s a great idea for a blog….oh, another art-a-ruption (interruption). 

Art is really about the process and sometimes it’s about the outcome.  Sometimes it’s about both.  This week, Kate and I made some really cute Valentines for her preschool class.  Instead of it being an art-a-ruption, I saw it as the bonding opportunity it was.  I loved watching her creative spark, I loved igniting my fire with her.  Together we had a blast.  And really, that’s what it’s all about. 

I hope you and your sweeties are able to find some time to bond this weekend, too.  Bake some cookies, color, talk about who you love–and what you love about them.  Do something kind for someone when they are least expecting it.  You’ll love watching the expression on their face.  It’s a sure-fire way to make you feel good, too.  Ask your child to define the word, “love.”  If she has a hard time doing so in words, can she draw a picture that shows love? 

I bet Kate can draw a picture of love, but dare I ask her to while I”m at the computer?? 

The art was fun but getting her to sign her name 16 times was exasperating!  So was blogging.

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