Book Give-a-way: “Parenting Well in A Media Age: Keeping Our Kids Human”

Earlier this month, I posted about Gloria DeGaetano’s message at “Parent University” through the Naperville 203 School District.  She spoke about the digital media age and the increasing time our kids spend parked in front of a screen-be it a television, computer, or iPhone screen.  I have a signed copy of her book, “Parenting Well in a Media Age: Keeping Our Kids Human” which I will be giving away.   Pulished in 2004, “Parenting Well in a Media Age” (paperback) has won the iParenting Media Award and sells for $18.95. 

Here’s the catch:  Be the first to respond to me with ideas you have used at home to get your kids busy doing something besides watching a screen AND pass on a link to my blog to 5-10 other parents who may be interested.  Send me an email to let me know what you did so I can send you the book.  That’s it–good luck! 

Parenting Well in a Media Age--Gloria DeGaetano

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