Learning about Apraxia in Nursing School

Remember when I said something like, “I don’t remember learning about this [apraxia] in nursing school?!  (see “About Leslie”)Well, I lied….a little bit.  I actually just went through some old notebooks and texts from Nursing School and here’s what I came up with: 

Apraxia (Defn):  inability to perform purposeful movements without any known weakness or sensory loss, lack of comprehension or motivation. 

Nurses should help by:

1.  Preparing patient for diagnosis

2.  Taking measures to provide for safety (weakness, seizures, sensory deficits, and confusion often accompany).

3.  Encourage patient to participate in normal activities. 

4.  Give clear, simple steps–and enough time to process requests. 

5.  Have family members help. 

That’s it?!!? 

O.k., in effort to defend my nursing school,  I bet these notes were discribing global dyspraxia (involving the whole body) and not the verbal apraxia (CAS) most of our apraxic kiddos are struggling with.   My notes didn’t specify what type of “apraxia” we were talking about in lecture that day.   When I reviewed these notes I had to laugh.  Really?  Encourage our kids to participate in “normal” activities and family members should “help?”  Such an understatement, don’t you agree?

Take away message: Educate nursing schools and be more helpful to our apraxic kids, who really are normal.

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