Target Tuesday

There is a store we all love to hate.  If you’re thinking what I’ve thinking, then you’re right on target.  As I roll into the parking lot most Tuesday mornings, the big red bullseye is like a therapeutic oasis to my harried self.  As I walk into the store, I breathe a sigh of relief–and the familiar scent of plastic and popcorn–it’s almost like aromotherapy. 

List in hand and children off at preschool, I run through the store as if I have it etched on the back of my hand.  I know my local store’s every nook and cranny.  Heck, I even know the folks who work there!  One such Tuesday I was chatting with a mom friend (who was also doing the Target shuffle while her little ones were in school) when a Target employee walked past and said, “Good morning!  Where are the redheads?!”  Let me tell you, Target is a great place to meet people.  Not only do I run into preschool moms that I’ve seen a handful of times at drop-off and pick-up, but I even meet woman who become some of my best mom buddies.  We struck up a conversation while I was ogling her plump baby in the shopping cart.  Now we have regular playdates and mom’s night outs.  You just never know what Target may bring you. 

After meandering the aisles and dreaming of things I never thought I needed (Shamrock gel clings, anyone?), I make my way to the front check-out where I am greeted by my usual Tuesday cashier who is surprised I forgot my coupons and reusuable bags (argh–me, too!), but compliments my “beautifully embroided jacket.”  Had it for years–but nonetheless it made me feel special.

Crazy amount of money spent on silly things like paper towels, Pull-ups, and toothbruhes, but for 45 minutes or so, I felt like a renewed woman.  Right on, Target. 

Make it Work for You:

Kids in school other days of the week?  Can’t do your shopping on Tuesday?  Don’t (gasp!) like Target?  As the queen of aliteration, I have a few suggestions for you:  Meijer or Micheals Monday…how about Wal*Mart or Walgreens Wednesday?

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