That’s So Apraxic

Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying, “Oh, that’s so apraxic?” With a nod, a smile and perhaps a roll of the eyes, those of us who care about an apraxic child know just what I am referring to.  It’s those moments that your child will likely have now and in the future…what are they?

  • Groping for words.   You will actually be able to see kids who have moderate to severe apraxia searching for the right word.  She may posture, move her eyes to the right, or wiggle her mouth until the right word(s) are ready to emerge. 
  • Saying, “um, um, um” a hundred times before she can get her thought out.  This will drive you crazy!  It’s sort of akin to stuttering but different.  Try not to complete her thought for her.  It will come on it’s own eventually. 
  • Making verbal mistakes when she’s tired or frustrated.  Just like you and me, we have difficulty carrying on a conversation at the end of a long day or during a heated discussion or arguement. 
  • Difficulty controlling her body/”hyper”/lack of focus.  Not all kids with apraxia have this sensory componet, but a good chunck of them do.  It all has to do with the motor-neurological aspect of the disorder.  
  • Jibberish/Oral Diarrhea.  Most kiddos with apraxia are constantly trying out new sounds and combinations of sounds and words until they get it “just right”.  They often do this when it’s not socially appropriate, sometimes causing embarrassment to you.   Engaging in this type of baby talk is really what they need to do to hone their verbal skills, but it can be exhausting to listen to; give your child an time or a place for this type of  “practice.”

What else have you found to be “so apraxic?”  What tips and ideas do you have to share with other parents who may be struggling with the same thing?  

Please remember that not all blog readers want to hear your response.  If you have a comment or a suggestion, I urge you to use the “comment” button at the top of the blog to post.  You are always welcome to email me directly.  See  “About Leslie” for my email address. 

As always, thanks for reading.  Have you hugged your sweeties today? 


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