What Shall We Do on Saturday?!

It was bath time and my two little redheaded sprites had stripped down to their Birthday suit.  Running around the bathroom with nothing on but a smile, my oldest–and resolving apraxic–started singing, “What shall we do on Saturday?!”  in anticipation of the weekend.  Ushering her into the shower, where my husband assured her she could continue singing, I had to stifle a snicker.  Yes! This is exactly what I hoped for so many years ago when Kate was diagnosed with apraxia.  Really, it’s a small thing.  But it’s all of those small accomplishments like the one last night that add up to a happy kid who can communicate effectively.  Singing.  About Saturday.  Naked.  Now if we all did that, it just might be a happier world! 

Here’s to a great weekend!

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