Free Music CD To Enhance Speech Up for Grabs!

Tell me about what you do with music & your kids and this is yours--FREE! 7th comment wins!

It’s still here, folks and it’s a great resource if your little one is struggling with CAS.  All you have to do is email me or post a comment on the blog so that you can win the CD.  I will mail the CD to you free if you can give me one fun idea you already do with your children to stimulate speech through music.  The 7th comment to come my way will be the lucky winner of Katie Eshleman’s “Sing Out!” CD. 

If  7 comments aren’t in by 8pm this evening, the CD will go to the first person who has already emailed me.  Check in tomorrow to see who the winner is…and GOOD LUCK! 

2 thoughts on “Free Music CD To Enhance Speech Up for Grabs!

  1. I am sad to say Lulu does not respond to music. That is why I am excited abhout this CD. While she does dance, she absolutely does not sing.

  2. We don’t do anything too creative… but we have music time and I pull out my guitar and keyboard and we just make sounds together… moo moo doo doo eeh eeh.. that’s as far as we are now as my 2 year old is basically non verbal.. but we listen to music everyday during quiet time and sing constantly in the car and at the park. We sing “Wheels on the Bus” everytime we go to a park that has a steering wheel on the playground… Also, my daughter has a stuffed animal that hooks up to an ipod and everyday when we go on walks, she brings the stuffed monkey and listens to music “through” her monkey… I would love more ideas about how to use music to help my baby’s speech….

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