Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!

What’s in the “Build & Construct” box? See for yourself!

Here’s a riddle for you: Less than an hour and more than 100?  What am I talking about? 

Target Tuesday, of course!  How is it that I can spend less than an hour in that store and still manage to spend $100?!  It’s definitely a love-hate relationship, Target. 

Not only is it Target Tuesday at the Lindsay Household, but also Toy Trade Tuesday.  This week we will pull out the “Build and Construct.” toys.  With a  focus on building materials, patterns, mathematical concepts, cause and effect, and plan design, this theme makes math more fun.  And I’m a mommy who doesn’t like math–but I do appreciate a good design. 

What’s in the box? 

  • Blocks
  • Magnetix
  • Rulers/measuring tapes
  • Numbers
  • Aqua Doodle mat=floor plan and blue prints
  • Foamie construction hats (found at a craft store and and made together)
  • Magformers
  • Legos
  • Toy tools
  • Discovery Toys pattern game
  • “Fun” rocks and gems found at a souvenier gift shop (think: categorization by color, shape, size)
  • Lincoln Logs
  • Tinker Toys

My girls will play with these toys for what seems like hours.  Will they bore of it in a week?  Not a chance! It’s amazing to see what they do with these items since we saw them last.   Next Tuesday, we’ll pack ’em up and send for another box…

What will you do for Toy Trade Tuesday this week?!

Got something to say? Tell us!!

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