Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Best and Worst

So, I was thinking about some of the best and worst things we have as moms in today’s world.  I don’t know how this all came up.  Maybe it was as I was reading a magazine and came across some little blurb about how dads are so much more involved with kids these days, or maybe it was as I was reading that email that gets circulated from time to time: “You are a Child of the 80’s if…”  Yep–kids in the 80’s didn’t wear seatbelts or bike helmets or have cell phones, but we survived somehow.  So here’s my list:


  • We have vaccines to keep our kids healthy 
  • Disposable diapers  way easier than the wash and dry variety
  • Strollers are super high-tech
  • We can work outside of the home if we want to
  • Great parenting books, beyond Dr. Spock
  • Texting and Emailing makes it easier to keep in touch
  • Dads/partners who are so much more willing to pitch-in


  • Look at the list about and I am sure you can come up with some downsides to all of them! 
  • There’s more:  all of this technology that is supposed to increase communication may actually be hindering it.  Do your kids know the art of making small-talk, or do they just text?  Of course, there is the concern over Internet safety, too

Just Different? 

  • Each generation of parenting is going to present with differences from the previous one.  How will your family  grow and evolve?  Which differences will you embrace?  Which ones will you modify? 
  • Every mother has had a “strange day” or has been asked a “tough question.”  Sometimes there are just no answers, but we do our best, anyway. 

What do you think is the best and worst of being a mother today?  Let us know, by leaving a comment! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!  Do something special for yourself, you deserve it.

One thought on “Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Best and Worst

  1. I think back to when I was a “tween” and was so curious about Madonna. My mother was shocked with her music and videos(as all mothers were). Fast forward to today and how shocked are we at what music, commercials, videos,etc. are like for our children? I think my girls will have to grow up much sooner than my
    generation not by my choice, but society’s. No matter how much we shelter, it seeps in.

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