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Begging for More

I have been wanting to add a member to the family for some time.  My huband says, “no.”  My husband says they are “ugly and smelly.”  I disagree.  I say they are adorable and only smell if you don’t take care of them.  I will take care of them.  This debate of sorts  has been going on since my youngest moved from her crib to her big girl bed.

And it’s not just me who’s begging for a new addition.  The girls are, too.  It would be one big, happy family.  And really, what’s a family without a dog? 

My breed of choice is probably the #1 reason why he says “no,” that and the fact that he thinks the girls need to older to help take care of the dog –and then he’ll make a macabre comment–telling me, “the dog will die while they are still young and vulnerable.  Let’s wait so the dog dies when the girls go off to college.”  Always the realist, my husband. 

I have wanted a Bassett Hound since I was a kid-less than 10 years old, to be exact.  My dad said the same thing, “smelly and ugly.” and further assured me I could get one when I was married and had a family of my own.  He said it  almost like a threat.  I heard it like this, “When you are grown up–and you still want one of those dumb, ugly dogs, then by all means, go for it.”  Of course, he’s too diplomatic to say that!  Well, here I am many years later and I am still pining for a Bassett. 

Yesterday while at Borders Books, I rushed by the pet section in an attempt to get my little one to the potty on time.  There, on the on the shelf rested a book.  Staring back at me on the cover was a sad-faced, floppy-eared Bassett, “The Complete Pet Owner’s Manual to Bassett Hounds.”  Needless to say, I  saw it as a “sign” that I needed it. 

I flipped through it and smiled at every color photograph of the low-slung, jowly hounds.  I squealed in delight and made little coochie-coo noises as though Iwas looking at a cherubic little baby.  I read sections of the book when I got a minute here and there–while dining with my kids at the breakfast table and while snuggling with my little one as she watched “Sid the Science Kid”–and that’s when I read, “This calm dog is an ideal companion for children.”  Yes!!  What’s more is the book says they are laid-back, non-agggressive, and low-maintenance.  Just what a busy mom of two needs!  Well, not really….but in terms of canine companions, maybe a Bassett isn’t such a bad choice afterall. 

As for the “sign”–well, now all I need is a sign that reads, “Bassetts Pups–free to good home.”

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  1. Michelle Hughes says

    If you would have went to Petco (which is right next to Borders) on Saturday, you would have seen the sign you were looking for. The had a Basset Hound rescue group there trying to get their doggies new homes.

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