Text-Speak for Mommies


I bet your family has its own little language of sorts–and I don’t mean apraxic mumbo-jumbo or sign language.  What I am talking about is silly little nicknames and phrases that everyone in the family knows and understands, but those outside of your family would raise an eyebrow to.  Huh?  Think about a typical day and then think about the expressions you might, uh express….

My grandmother used to say these goofy things-

  • “No pain, no gain”
  • “Waste not, want not”
  • “Beauty is only skin deep”

Well, I say these goofy little things and abbreviate accordingly…

  • “You wear me out” (WMO) Sigh. 
  • Good to know ” (GTK)
  • Turd-like behavior” (TLB)  Actually, this one is always said as an acronymn.  I sort of lump “turd” into the psuedo bad-word category, along with “stupid” and “crap.”
  • Honey Bunches of Oats” (HBO)  —or anther affectionate term for your little darlings
  • I Love You (ILY)

So, taking all of these little sayings and making a sentence, it might sound like “HBO you WMO, but ILY anyway.”  Or “HBO–no TLB please!”  Or, when my 5-year old calls me a “dummy poo-poo bottom head,” I just might reply with, “GTK!” 

Call it texting for mommies, but it gets the job done and everyone knows what I mean.  Not that your grandma would understand, but you get the message.  Happy Tuesday!

About leslie1218

Author of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA (Woodbine House, 2012) frantically working on a novel that should be ready for submission this fall. Mom of two spritely redheads & one chubby basset hound whose stories & images appear in my writing from time-to-time.

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