Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Bachelorette Days

It wasn’t that long ago–I hope–when us moms were young and single and childless.  Ah, yes….that wonderful bit of freedom.  Of course while we were doing the single thing we were probably hoping prince charming would come riding by on his white horse, steal us away and make babies with us.  Or maybe we were busy climbing the corportate ladder and trying to break the glass ceiling.  For some of us, the single years were longer than we wanted, shorter, “just right,” or…I don’t know…you fill in the blank. 

I’ll admit it, I miss them.  Not terribly so, but a little.   So, the other night I was watching “The Bachelorette” on ABC.  I know, not exactly “quality programming,” but let me tell you –I love it.  It’s just like reading junky magazines while peddling away on the stationery bike.  It’s an escape, a guilty pleasure, mind candy.  Yep, just me and the TV, a bowl of ice cream and….my husband!  He’ll die if he knew I mentioned him and “The Bachelorette” in the same sentence, but truth be told, he watches it with me.  If you know my hubby, please don not let on that you know this little secret fact. 

So, why does he put up with it?!  I don’t know really.  He is a psychologist and I suppose there are a lot of fun “profiles” and neuropathies to create with these contestants on the show.  We both love to observe social behavior and it’s fun to do it when such high stakes are at risk. Love, money, self-promotion…goofy behavior to get any or all of it. 

Besides an escape and an exercise in social behavior, it gives me an outlet to revive our marrige.  Nothing kinky or anything of that sort.  It’s cozy couple time on the couch when we’re both relaxed and together.  It gives us a shared activity that we can talk about–and it doesn’t involve the little people in our life!

Of course, Ali is taking these guys on dates in limos and offering fancy dinners and cute convertibles, all of which is is so not gonna happen in the ‘burbs.  But it does give me a glimpse of how exciting the times were–and could still be–when Jim and I first statted dating.  Sure, it’s all unrealistic and a weird way to find a life partner, but we all need a little time to escape. 

As for me, I’m happy to be zipping around in my minivan and rooting for the best man to win her heart.  Afterall, the best one already won mine.

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