Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Call Me Sunshine

It was about two months ago that my daughter, Kelly (3.5 years) came home from preschool with this adorable sunshine craft.  Like her, I loved it the minute I saw it.   What I love equally is the saying she’s been touting for the last 8 weeks, “Mom, just call me Sunshine.”  Now if you knew how sweet and delicate little Kelly’s voice sounds, you would know why hearing  this is just as precious as seeing it. 

Of course, my observations don’t just end with a childhood snapshot and then on to the next thing.  Being the processor and thinker that I am, I thought about this one a lot.  Not intentionally so, just here and there….like when I would notice an exceptionally sunny day or when Kelly would repeat the “Sunshine saying” again.  Or, get this….when I was around a cranky person. 

You know whom I’m talking about.  You may know one, too.  Heck, you may even be one.  But I hope not. 

Going back to the solar system analogy, the best anatonym I can think of is “black hole.”  By definition, a black  hole sucks you in.  According to the general theory of relativity, nothing–not even light–can be let out of the black hole.  In fact, black holes often track down stars and orbit around them until there is a point of no return.  Suddenly, these stars are no longer twinkling, they have become trapped by the black hole. 

Sound vaguely familiar?  Think of your friends, acquaintances, neighbors, Facebook friends…ever known someone who sort of orbits around you and then–BOOM!!  sucks you into their black hole?  You try to get out, but suddenly you find yourself complaining and grouching and being ugly just like them?  Ugh… 

We don’t want to be black holes and we don’t even want to be in orbit with one!  Get the heck away if you’re feeling the gravitational pull of one.  The bottom line is this: we all want to be around people who make us feel good, who are supportive, who help us be the best we can be.  We want to be with people who help us radiate. 

So ask yourself, “are there any black holes in my life?”  Is there anyone you can consciously begin to pull away from because they really don’t make you feel the warm rays of the sun? 

And then, start introducing yourself as “Sunshine” just as my Kelly does.  Cheers to a sunny day!

Kelly, 3 calls herself "Sunshine"

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