In My Brain Today: Geek Squad

I guess there are lots of things that I can do without my beloved computer.  You see, the day before last I learned I had a really nasty computer virus.  I took it to the Geek guys at my local computer store.  For some reason, I no longer had anti-viral protection and bam–a new and very insidious virus got me!  I miss my computer terribly.  I almost feel naked without the thing.  I have been using the one at the libary and it’s just not the same.  I don’t like the keyboard for one, and well…I can’t sit and sip Dark Cheery Frappacinos here, either.  But I can still get a bit of writing in and check my email all in the 45 minute time period I am allowed.  No pressure, right? 

Yesterday, without my computer, I was able to plant flowers and save a little time by not looking at Facebook.  I baked a real cake and went to yoga.  I considered reorganizing my baking gear but instead used a tablet of paper to map out ideas for my next writing project.  Talk about old-fashioned–a notebook and pen??!  Who knew they still existed, right? 

I know I’ll get my computer back and things will be good as new.  I hope–I spent enough money to get the darn thing runnning again.  I’ll make a cognizant decision to be more efficient with my computer…I’ll pretend I only have 45 minutes each session I sit down and log on just like I do at the library.  Maybe I’ll save time and money because I won’t spend as much on Facebook and considering what to buy on-line.  No more Amazon or Pottery Barn Kids.  Good-bye and

Here’s what else I’m thinking:  A back-to-school ice cream social is on the calendar for August…oh, how I love to party-plan!  Daytime TV is such a waste (really, who needs to know about baby foxes and how to fry clams?!).  And I hope my nail polish matches my dress.  Yeah, nothing very cerebral today.  Hopefully that will change when I get mycomputer back.  Come on, Geek Guys my brain is atrophy-ing here! 

And that is what is on my brain today, Thursday June 24th.

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