In My Brain Today: The F-word

It’s that time of year again.  Summer.  Vacations.  Packing.  It used to be that I loved summer.  School was out and I could finally hang at home, work on my tan, and read books.  Perhaps there was a vacation or two planned, which was great.

Of course that was all before I was the lady of the house and no longer a (young)  lady of leisure.  Now that I’m all grown up (when did that happen?) I  find comfort and peace in other seasons of the year (fall, for example when the little ones head back to school).  But I digress.  Now that I am “the mom,” it’s up to me to make sure the summer fun happens and that everyone gets packed for the big event. 

I hate packing.  I think it has something to do with my perfectionistic tendencies.  I like order, “Even her junk drawer is organized,” my then boyfriend-now-husband commented to his parents upon my first meeting with them.  Ugh…caught me.  So, packing represents disorder.  I have to pull everything out from their well-appointed storage spots and determine what goes, what stays…and get them all neatly into the suitcases and duffle bags.  I might throw around a few f-words while I’m at it. 

Bet you do, too.  It’s down-right aggrevating to try and pack a household up for a camping trip, a Disney excursion, a class/family reunion, a beach retreat all with little people at your feet.  And you’re waaay too pooped to do it “after hours” when the kiddos are tucked in bed.  Helllloooo TiVo. 

Well, I have streamlined the equation a bit to make it a little easier and maybe even fun.  I cringe as I type this, because no matter where you are going, I still don’t think of packing as fun.  Here goes…

The F-words of packing:

  • FUN: Whatever you need to bring along to assure your kids are having fun (iPods, DVD player, hand-held games, books, crosswords, small toys, etc)
  • FOOD:  Snacks for the car, special things only your kid can/likes/has to eat–add in vitamins and meds to this category, too. 
  • FASHION:  An outfit a day keeps the laundromat away.  Pack entire outfits (socks and undies, too–if you have girls toss in matching hair do-dads)  in storage sized Zip-Locs, one for each day you are gone + an extra. 
  • FANNY:  Anything for your Peanut’s bottom.  Diapers/Pull-Ups, wipes, bottom cream, etc.
  • FATIGUE:  Sleepy kids away from home need more than just a bed.  Pack the pacifier, special blankie, lovey, jammies, and whatever else you might need to assure a good night’s rest.  Maybe even a nightlight?? 
  • FAMILY:  Hometown-bound trips require a special F-word…family.  Maternity clothes for your pregnant sister, the book your dad loaned you, your mom’s Birthday gift, the straight A report card from your child you need to brag on…

This neumonic helps me and I bet it will you, too.  No promises, though that you won’t throw around the real f-word as you are preparing for a relaxing time away.  Bon Voyage!

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