Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Flowering Friends

It’s the middle of summer and your flowers are either shrinking violets or going gang-busters.  Hope it’s the latter.  Have you stoped to think about your relationships with other moms lately?  Maybe not.  With the busy months of summer flying by, family vacations to contend with, and constantly bored children, you may have given up on having a social life for yourself. 

Awhile back, I attended a presentation at the local library with Chicago author Allie Pleiter.  She spoke of the five friends every mom needs in her bouquet.  I am sure you are curious as to what they are, so here’s the list:

  • The Climatis.  This is your “twin” friend.  You are climbing up the parenting rope together.  Of course you don’t have to be the same age, but you have to be at the same stage of life.  You may have met her in child birth class or she may have been your neighbor.  You call her at 5 am and say, “You awake?  Fussy baby?”  you proceed through other kid-rearing milestones together. 
  • The Calla Lily. This is your “sparkler” friend.  She’s wacky and dramatic and almost always seems to be the one to stir up some kind of fun trouble.  She might be inspiring, too telling you, “What have you got to lose–go for it!” 
  • The Black-eyed Susan.  This is your “rock” friend.  She’s dependable, always there for a shoulder to cry on.  Black-eyed Susans are easy-to-grow flowers and don’t require much tending to, so is this friend.  If you have one, be glad. 
  • The Hosta.  This is the “been-there-done-that” friend.  This gal pal may be the older one of the group.  She’s wise and honest, but not so honest that you’ll wish she just be quiet!  She will provide you “richness, perspective, and calm” when it comes to raising a family.  She may be a mom of teenagers or a recent empty-nester. 
  • The Grapevine.  This is your “challenging” friend. In real life, a grapevine can be beautiful.  It can provide some delicious fruit–just think of all of those lucious wineries in Italy.  But the thing with grapevine friends–and with real grapevines–is they will destroy the motar of your home, of your soul.  I know–we used to live in a cute 1920’s stucco with ivy growing up the side of the fireplace.  Sweet, endearing, just the way a fireplace should look, but it cost us big bucks when we had to have the whole thing tuck-pointed.  Friends of this sort can cost you the same.
  • The Rose.  This is your “best-ever” friend. If you have one of these, consider yourself very, very lucky!  Send her a card or a… bouquet of roses (!) to show her just how much she means to you.  Your relationship with this woman is beautiful and effortless.  It’s rare to have a “rose” in your life.  But the thing with roses is they do need a little maintenance…pruning, and styrofoam covers in the winter, special pH blend soil, but you give them these things and you usually will yield great results. 

I remember growing up that my parents often told me this, “Consider yourself lucky if you can count 5 good friends in your lifetime by the time you die.”  I didn’t really believe it, but the older I get the wisdom I see in their comments.  Who’s in your bouquet?  Is there a weed or two you need to toss? 

Allie Pleiter writes fiction and nonfiction.  You may be intersted in looking at her website at www.alliepleiter.com Books can be purchased at her website, as well as on Amazon.com.  The book that contains the information presented above is, “Becoming a Chief Home Officer”

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