In My Brain Today: Internet Shopping Addiction

I have a bit of a problem.  I may need to seek professional help.  I love the Internet.  Too much, perhaps.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s nothing dirty or illicit.  It’s knowledge and information I crave.  And stuff. 

I find it totally and completely satistfying to go to a site I love and “shop.”  I point, I click, I add to basket and in a few days I get a nifty little package on my doorstep. It’s almost like magic.  And it makes me feel magical.  I can’t get enough of it. 

It’s not that I am am buying things left and right (although my husband would argue otherwise).  And it’s not that what I’m ordering costs a considerable amount of money (although those indoor wall mounted fountains are a bit pricey), it’s just fun. 

Here’s what’s in my basket of late:

  • Adorable Pottery Barn Kids backpack and matching lunch box.  They had free shipping and hey–Kate needs a new one for Kindergarten anyway!
  • Clothes on sale from Territory Ahead.  Not only am I in charge of outfitting  my children, my husband needs a little assistance in this department as well.  End of season catalog clearance…I threw in a few items for myself, too…but shhhh. 
  • Romona and Beezus” book for Kate.  The movie’s coming out soon and I thought it a good idea to read the book first.  Heck, let’s go ahead and order the Beverly Clearly boxed set while we’re at it. 
  • Since I qualify for free super-saver shipping on my orders over $25, I might as well get something for myself, too.  Click–“My Name is Memory” and “Captivity” are on the way.  Whoops–that was over $25.  Well, books are good for us. 

It’s just as much fun to look on line and place the order as it is to anticipate it’s arrival.  When it finally does come, it’s a red-letter day!  Such a good time.  Plus, ordering on-line is so much easier than schlepping two kids to the store, browsing, trying on, purchasing…ugh.  I would rather claw my eyeballs out! 

And so I have a bit of an addiction.  But, hey–it could be worse.  Next week, I may be perusing the site for school shoes.  Ummm…too soon?  I don’t know, a girl can never have too many shoes.

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