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Tot Talk Tuesday: Closing the Door on Fun

It’s been one of those days.  I have been on a decorating, organizing, purging, cleaning kick.  In fact, I may even say I was a tad manic.  

There are days like those every 6-8 weeks where I feel my to-do list a mile long and I actually want to tackle it.  Cleaning closets, and pulling out the Magic Eraser to wipe down walls and baseboards, plus a new set of placemats in the kitchen just make everything feel transformed.  I love it.  I can’t get enough of it. 

But there comes a time when my thoughts and ideas can’t keep up with my body.  I feel tired and worn down and have to call it quits.  Even when there is a perfectly nice closet organizing system just staring at me saying, “please put me together and fold your tee-shirts ever so neatly and place them on my empty racks.”  Sigh.  Closet, I will get to you tomorrow. 

While I was doing all of this, uh…transforming my girls had rediscovered some Strawberry Shortcake items that they hadn’t played with in awhile.  I was a teensy bit relieved.  Now that they won’t rely on me to keep them entertained, I could go about my manic afternoon.  Kelly said to Kate, “Let’s take this to your room.  We can play Strawberry Shortcake all day long!”  The girls squealed in delight as they ran up two flights of stairs and….closed the door to Kate’s room.  This hasn’t really happened much.  The door closing, that is.  Soon the ABBA Greatest Hits could be heard through the muffled door.  I stood at the base of the stairs holding an adorable new napkin ring in hand and called up, “You girls okay?!”  No reply.  I shrugged and stepped away almost giddy to get back to my kitchen. 

I guess the time has come.  The girls are older now and can be entertained on their own. In fact, I am not sure they even want me knowing what kind of fun they are creating.  Hummm….Closing the door on fun opened a whole new one for me. 


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