Apraxia Monday: Type Fast, Talk Fast

I only have fifteen minutes to blog today.  I know, crazy day…”Just another Manic Monday”  Ironically, time’s short today because I need to get Kate to speech therapy.  And OT.  Back-to-back therapy on Mondays are coming to an end.  Sigh…I actually sort of liked them.  I had two whole hours to run an errand or read a book or something like that while she was at therapy.  Of course, my 3-year old “assistant”, Kelly came along with me.  So, I was looking at the calendar today and it dawned on me that August is here and soon school will be in full swing and therapy as we know will come to an end. 

I counted the days…yes, 26 days till full-day kindergarten and three full Modays for Kate to go to therapy.  You know, I think she is secretly happy about that.  She’s been a bit burned out on therapy.  Is it Kate who’s burned out or the teaching methods that have gotten stale?  Is it a little bit of both, perhaps?  

All along I have been telling her, “You just have to go until school starts.  We want to make sure you are really ready for Kindergarten.”  I think she is.  She’s not reading yet, but she has an interest in it.  She can sound out letters, thanks to her preschool phonics program, Jolly Phonics.  She knows her address and phone number and who she can talk to if she needs help in a public setting (mommies with kids and folks wearing a name tag).  She knows her first and last name and some great big words like, “imagination” and “investigate.”  She can same them all, too–intelligibly.  Sure, we still have concerns–but that will all get worked out with time, coaching, and self-monitoring. 

Three more weeks.  We can do it.  We’ll push through.  And you know, I think I’ll be happy to have a bit of a break, too.   

Humm…that was only 10 minutes of blogging.  I feel like I’ve cheated.  Nah…it’s just elementary, my friend.

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