Tot Talk Tuesday: Backpacks and School Supplies

Oh, how I love it!  There is something so fun and nostalgic about cruising the aisles at Target packed with folders and glue sticks that makes me swoon.  Now give me a freshly sharpened pencil and a vinyl-scented 3-ring binder and I might as well be in heaven! 

Have you been yet?  It’s time to get those kids supplied for the upcoming school year.  Get out that school supply list you received in the mail or at the end of the school year and get to your store of choice.  Depending on your child’s ages and interest, you may choose to go it alone.  I did and boy, was I glad. 

Kate has no idea what she really needs for kindergarten.  To be honest, I guess I don’t, either.  I’ve never had a kindergartner, after all.  So, I headed to Target to get those must-haves without my little student.  It’s just easier that way.  I was blown away by the sheer amout of stuff these kids need for kindergarten!  16 glue sticks?!  2 packages of markers, low-odor (?) dry-erase markers, special “fat” pencils (only found at the teacher’s store, by-the-way), 4 folders (in specific colors, of course), and a pair of gym shoes that stay at the school (that was new to me).  All in all, I think I spent at least $75 on school supplies for a kid who doesn’t even weigh 75lbs!  And that doesn’t include the adorable backpack I recently ordered from Pottery Barn Kids (okay, that was a total splurge). 

I make it out like I didn’t enjoy myself.  But, I loved every minute of it.  It’s fun to look back at some of the old familiar favorites that I grew up with–Trapper Keepers have some how made a come-back (the cheesy fluffy kittens on the cover are long gone, but hey–they still exist?!) and the “Pink Pet” erasers were still around, too.

And then I made it over to the lunch box aisle (that’s part of the reason why I spent so much).  Ridiculously cute lunch box gear lined the shelves…things that make packing lunches way easier than brown paper bags and baggies.  Plus, it’s all environmentally friendly…wash and use again. 

When I got home, I made sure I sat down with Kate and showed her everything that was going to school.  We talked about it.  We touched it.  We organized it and popped it all in the splurge-worthy pink and green butterfly bag with matching lunch box…because my kid is going to kindergarten in style!  And because I’m a sucker for school supplies.

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