Special Edition: Party On!

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It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of “cool” festivities…the back-to-school ice cream social was a chaotic and cute success. 

We started the show off with 3-5 year olds dancing around to “Mama Mia” and other ABBA favorites in our family room while the final guests made their way in.  Then it was time to take the party outside where we had the girls line up at one end of the yard in a sort of relay race to the ice cream cone finish line.  Each child was told to hop, jump, run super fast, or walk backwards to get their card–I mean–cone–no, make that a cone-card!  On each paper ice cream cone  was a question about their summer: “Tell us what your swimming suit looks like, did you go on a vacation this summer?  Where?  What do you hope to learn in school this year?”  And so forth.  Each child was to tell us their name and answer the question.  Of course, they can’t read (with the exception of one precocious 4-year old!)  and so we helped them out.  It was good practice for those getting ready to enter Kindergarten.  Listen, share, sit still….yeah, definitely skills they’ll need as they approach their academic career.

Next, it was time for make your own ice cream cones, sundaes, floats….yum! 

Running in fields, playing tag, and giggling were also a part of the fun. 

We ended with the girls making a handprint canvas…their hands were covered in green, pink, and brown paint to represent ice cream.  I’ll add in cones, sprinkles, and a red pom pom on top to make it look like dripping ice cream cones.  I labeled each one with their name and will hang in our basement playroom as a reminder of the craziness excitement we had. 

Each girl left with a scented pencil and a Crazers icecream themed pack of erasers. 

I hope the girls had as much fun as I did planning it.  For it’s the planning that is so much fun.  And it’s a gentle reminder of why I am NOT a Kindergarten teacher!  Wow–kudos to those folks we are : )

Thanks all for helpin’ us “Cool the Gang.”

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