Just 4 Moms on Wednesday:

Crabby, anxious, overtaxed moms all over the nation are chanting the same exasperated saying, “I just can’t wait for school to start.”  Are you one of them?  It is estimated that at least 1 of 2 mothers are repeating this phrase at least hourly.  If you find yourself doing so, it could be that you are suffering from “overtaxed mom syndrome,”  or OMS as officials are referring to the symptomolgy. 

How do you know if you have it:

  • You want to scream everytime your child makes a noise or asks you a question
  • You’re tempted to shout, “Shut up!” when you drive the minivan full of kids around town
  • You are losing hair by the handful
  • You just want to go to bed and not get up for the rest of the day
  • You have too many things on your “to-do” list

There are no cures for this syndrome–other than the passage of time and school enrollment.  “The good news is, school really is right around the corner,”says Leslie Lindsay, mother of two to Kate and Kelly–both of whom will be enrolled in full or partial day school most days of the week.  “I can’t wait.  I just can’t wait to get my life back–at least a few hours a day where I can breathe again and not have to worry about who’s picking their nose or taking a favorite toy away,” says Lindsay. 

She continues to say that she is tired of having to plan activities to keep them entertained every minute of the day.  Even preparing lunch has become a challenge,  “Lunch is one of the worst times of the day for me.  They both want different things.  Right now.  Not to mention the fact that we’ve had a full morning and everyone’s getting a little cranky from low blood sugar and overstimulation,” says Lindsay who is a former Child Pysch R.N. 

Like she says, this so-called OMS is short-lived. Researchers and educational specialists are saying that mom needs an outlet for her anxieties, “If she can get out of the house and head to her favorite coffee shop, with a girlfriend–even alone–it would do her a world of good,” says one such authority.  Others indicate that running on a treadmill or taking a brisk walk without the kids would do the trick.  One might start by making a list of all of the things that are on her mind, prioritize, and then start tackling them.  “If you haven’t purchased your child’s school supplies and that’s what’s eating you, then get out there and buy them,”  says Kindergarten teacher Miss Honeybee. 

As for the children involved, make sure they have space to run and are independent in selecting their play activities.  Schedule a playdate with those you meant to have over all summer, but haven’t.  Visit a new park, or pack up a picnic lunch.  Finally, when all else fails, pop in a DVD, “just make sure it’s an educational one,” warns Miss Honeybee. 

As for the teachers implicated with OMS, they honestly say, “I can’t believe summer’s almost over.  It went by way too fast.” 

This has been Leslie Lindsay, reporting for “Leslie 4 Kids Blog on Just 4 Moms on Wednesday.”  Back to you, M.O.M. at the studio. 

This is a work of fiction.  OMS is not a real syndrome, nor does Miss Honeybee really exist.  This post is from straight the author’s imagination with a little help from two overtaxed mommy friends. 

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