Reminder: Blog Hiatus


Just wanted to remind you all that I won’t be able to blog for the next several days….heading to Cape Cod with the family.  I plan to get back to blogging on August 26th.  Hope to hear how everyone’s settling in at school.  Best to you!

Apraxia Group:  If you are interested in being a part of the apraxia support/discussion/education group….Let’s just call it “Apraxia 101” then please do email me or call Suburban Pediatric Therapies in Aurora, IL at (630) 236-7000 and get your name on the list.  We will start on Tuesday evening, September 14th from 7-9pm.  Sorry, childcare is not available, but the event is FREE!  We will have a special guest–music therapist Emily on October 5th.  The group runs for 5 weeks.  You won’t want to miss it!

About leslie1218

Author of SPEAKING OF APRAXIA (Woodbine House, 2012) frantically working on a novel that should be ready for submission this fall. Mom of two spritely redheads & one chubby basset hound whose stories & images appear in my writing from time-to-time.

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