Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: That Schizophrenic Voice

Did you hear that?  That tiny little voice inside your head (or was it?) trying to get your attention? 

Do you think you should respond?  Do those voices scare you?  Can you tell the voices to go away? Do you know who the voice belongs to?  Someone you know, perhaps? 

The short answer is “maybe.”    You may have a little “schizophrenic voice” following you around.  It’s not in all in your mind–and no, you aren’t losing it, either.  It’s your kid. 

“I can’t even hear myself think anymore,” complains overtaxed 30-something Mommy who tends to be a bit of perfectionist. “All day long, I hear this tiny, sweet voice asking me to, ‘look, mommy!  Look at me!”  And it’s not just little demands for attention, but questions to life’s big questions like, “Why?  Why is the sky blue and why do people die?” 

 Mommies across the world hear similar statement as they try desperately to tackle things like wrapping a wedding gift for the cousin who is getting married and  navigating the crowded mall with returns.  “Sure, it’s not rocket science or anything, it’s just that these tedious little things need to get done.  I can’t think straight when I hear my 3 and a half year old daughter asking fifty million questions a day,” says Mommy. 

Even when she gives her daughter something “grown-up” to do, like extra pieces of tape and wrapping paper, an old envelope to decorate, her voice daughter is needing more, “No, I want to do it with you.  Mommy, I want you to help me.”  She stops, assists, and then goes back to the task of wrapping the wedding gift.  Ah, yes.  The voices stop you from doing what you need to do.  It’s as though you are compelled by some force beyond your control. 

No, she didn’t forget to take her meds, she doesn’t even have a prescription for an antipsychotic, but perhaps she needs one.  “I just want to hear myself think again,” says exasperated Mommy. 

Perhaps what she needs is a prescription for preschool. ” Take two mornings a week and you’ll stop hearing the voices.”  Signed, Dr. Everything Will B. Alright.

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