Cute & Simple: Dressing Mommy

I’ve always loved clothes.  Not in a vain way, but in a sort of OCD way…does it match?  Does it look like “me?”  What accessories will look best?  I used to lay my clothes out the night before school–complete outfits–right down the matching socks and underware–with earrings laid on top that I put careful thought into selecting. 

And then I had kids.  While I still care about having a complete “outfit,” I stopped caring about earrings and belts and tucking in my shirt (ask anyone who knew me B.K. –“before kids/Kate/Kelly”) and they will tell you I used to wear button-down shirts tucked in with a pair of jeans and a brown belt.  That was my uniform.  Now, ha…lucky if I can even find a belt!

So I have been eyeing this leggings-and-oxford-shirt-look.  I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.  I mean, the last time I wore a pair of leggings had to have been in the 80’s…maybe early 90’s.  It was when I had a perm and feathered bangs.  And then big bangs.  So, my rule this time around was: no stirrups.  And I think I’ll keep my hair flat-ironed, thank you.  And no jeggins.

A friend of mine has leggings.  I asked her where she got them–H&M.  I had never even been in an H&M!  That’s pathetic.  I usually pass right by, thinking they were all about teenagers and trendy styles and head straight to Eddie Bauer.  Which, is still very cute and definitely “me.” 

Let me tell you, I LOVED H&M!  Not only were the prices right, but their clothes cute and comfy.  I bought leggins.  Black.  I bought a cute cardigan thing-y that is so soft and flow-y, I may sleep in it.  Seriously.  While H&M does have a lot of trendy things that weren’t really “me,” I was still amazed at all of the basic pieces that will work great for my busy-no-time-to-accessorize-larger-than-typical-post-birthing 2 kids-bottom.  Perfect. 

Now, which earrings will go best?! 

  • Okay, you caught me, this post wasn’t my typical “Cute & Simple” Friday craft and decorating post…stay tuned for Tuesday the 8th when I will show you a cool study area for kids. 


  • Monday’s a holiday, but I am still blogging about apraxia.  In fact, you’ll want to share this link with other CAS parents as I share with you Teri Peterson CCC-SLP’s thoughts on early intervention and waiting to see if your child will outgrow “it.” 


  • Remember, Fox Valley area Apraxia 101 is coming September 14th.  Sign up for this free event/class by emailing me or calling  Suburban Pediatric Therapies at 630-236-7000. 

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