In My Brian Today: Crunchy Momma

In the last 24 hours, I have partiicipated in things that I previously thought as “crunchy.”  Here’s a sampling:

  • I purchased tofu, but first I carefully read the package–“good, no GMOs (genetically modified O…??humm)”
  • Which, reminds me, I watched “Food Inc.” over the weekend.
  • Then I prepared that tofu and made a delicious gluten-free stir-fry with lots of yummy veggies
  • I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 10 years, so I guess that’s not really “new” for me
  • I downed an Organic Wheat Grass drink…ugh….I can’t tell you how I’d like to avoid that part of my day, but I hear wonderful things about it.  Cleanses and detoxifies the body, restores energy, lots of good stuff! 
  • Then I had a massage…which isn’t all about pleasure and relaxation, but a medical massage in which it helps loosen me up for the chiropractic adjustment I was about the receieve. 
  • Then a little crunch-crunch from the chiropractor
  • Afterwards, I headed to yoga where I held too many downward dogs (not my favorite pose) but loved most of the others, especially the post-yoga head and shoulder rub from the instructor.  Ahhh….By-the-way, September is National Yoga Awareness Month
  • Followed by frozen custard from Culvers!  Okay, not organic or crunchy in the least!  Gotta have balance, right?! 

And that’s just the thing:  life is all about balance.  Life is about choices.  We only have so much time (see yesterday’s post: Chronic Crunch) and it’s up to us to make the most of it.   I am not really sure if my “crunchy’ choices yesterday will make my life feel as though I have more time or balance, but you know, those things that are apart of my life (above) have helped me be a better person, a better mom and perhaps it has made more time for the things and people I care about.  If I eat better, I live longer.  If I drink wheat grass, I have more energy to run after my kids.  If I get massages and regular adjustments, my body loves it.  If I go to yoga once a week, I have peace of mind to get me through the rest of it. 

Balance.  Choices.  Happiness. 

Who knows, maybe next I will start braiding my armpit hair and breastfeeding the neighborhood.  Hummm…And that’s what’s in my brain today, Thursday September 9th 2010. 

Stay tuned for the last week in September when I’ll present a whole week on health and wellness.

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