Apraxia Monday: The Grief Cycle

I have been doing some prep work for the Apraxia 101 group that I will be facilitating tomorrow, and that’s when it dawned on me that many of the participants will be at different stages in their grief process since learning about their child’s CAS diagnosis. 

As a nurse, I became quiet familiar with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief and I applied them to the ways in which us parents may deal with hearing about our darling’s Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  Of course, everyone deals with stress and grief in their own unique way.  These are merely examples of what might be going through one’s mind.  Perhaps you can appreicate and relate. 

 Denial.  You’ll know you’re here when you resist taking your child to the speech clinic or the pediatrician because you don’t want to hear what you fear they’ll say.  You know you are here when you insist on a second opinion because, “they don’t know what they’re talking about, anyway.” 

 Anger.  You’ll know you’re here when you hate the sound of your neighbor’s chatty 2-year old talk a mile-a-minute when your 4-year old is still grunting.  You’ll know you’re here when your friend brings you a book about late-talkers and you throw it at her after shouting a few obscenities her way. 

Bargaining.  You’ll know you’re here when you say to your husband, “I suppose if you hadn’t been late-to-talk, Gavin wouldn’t have this problem either.”  You’ll know you’re here when you say a little prayer, “Please—I’ll give up coffee/shopping/Facebook if you just make my baby talk.” 

 Depression.  You’ll know you’re here when you can’t get out of bed because facing yet another day with your non-verbal kiddo makes you want to be ill.  You’ll know you’re here when you cry more than you smile or eat more (or less) than you should or scream and fuss most of the time. 

 Acceptance.  You’ll know you’re here when you are ready to make a difference in the apraxia world.  You’ll know you’re here when you can smile and say, “My daughter has apraxia, too.” 

Coming Up on Leslie 4 Kids:

  • Apraxia 101:  A few of you have asked if I will be sharing piecees of the group I am faciliating through the blog…and YES!  Since the group takes place on Tuesday evenings (I blog on apraxia on Mondays), I will be posting the group information on the Monday after the fact.  So, look for “Your Apraxia Story/Session #1” next week on Apraxia Monday. 
  • More on organizing, managing chaos, school, and reclaiming “you.”
  • Week of September 27th will be all about health/nutrition/exercise

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