Apraxia Monday: Your Apraxia Story

We all have stories to tell.  You may have several “favorites” that you pull out from time to time…like when you got met your spouse, or bought your first home.  You have funny anecdotes about your kids and pets.  And yes, you have stories about the n0t-so-fun things that have happened in your life. 

In last week’s “Apraxia 101” series at a local speech clinic, we all shared our apraxia story.  Of course there were times we laughed and wiped the occassional tear, but what what these stories all had in common was the fact that they were about our children that we love so very dearly.  Parents mentioned things like, “Everyone said he’d outgrow it.” We heard, “I knew something was ‘up’ I just wasn’t sure what,” and yes, some words of encouragement, “She’s really making progress, but it’s been a long road….I didn’t even know what apraxia was at first. ” 

What is your apraxia story?  When did you learn of your child’s diagnosis?  Do you remember where and the time of year your child was diagnosed?  What did you do right afterwards?  Where are you now in the “apraxia story?” 

Here’s mine:

I knew something was amiss when Kate wasn’t saying much besides, “hi.”  She was 13 months when this little greeting popped out of her mouth for the first time.  Prior to that, others were already asking if she “had any words.”  When she was 15 months old there wasn’t anything more than “hi.”  It was time for the well-child check with the peditrician.  Being the dutiful parents we were (are, I hope), we took her in to see her doc.  Right away, the doctor was concerned about her lack of words.  She suggested a speech eval.  I declined.  On the way home, Jim piped up, “You know, I was a late-talker.  Mom says I didn’t talk till I was three.”  Humm….

The months passed and when we took Kate back for the 18 month check-up we decided to go to the speech therapist after all.  She was evaluated and given the “speech delay” label.  We went back a couple of more times, but the SLP wasn’t quite sure what to do with Kate.  Or what to call it.  (being a nurse, I am big on diagnoses and getting the proper treatment).  Not to mention that I was hugely pregnant with my little Kelly–born just a month or so later.  Jim got a job offer in Chicago and we moved. 

Finally, about 6 months after the move, I was ready to make a “move” on the whole speech issue.  Kate was exactly 2.6 years old when she was diagnosed with CAS.  She barely had 12 word sounds/approximations at the time.  It was a beautiful fall day.  We went to the craft store afterwards.  I remember like it happened yesterday. 

Today, Kate is considered “resolving” and is in full-day Kindergarten.  She is adorable.  She is bright.  She makes mistakes sometimes with her speech, but she quickly self-corrects.  She is full of life, joy, and creativity.  She knows she has apraxia and she knows that as parents we are doing the very best for her.

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