Cute & Simple: Soccer Fun

  If you know anything about soccer in Chicagoland, classes for tots fill fast.  After a couple of missed seasons due to full classes, we finally broke into the soccer world. 

I can’t tell you how adorable it is to see the kids in Tiny Kickers run around chasing a ball.  I never go.  Since my husband was the former child soccer star, it’s his Saturday morning bonding session with the girls.  I had my hand in the whole matter when I signed them up promptly at 8:30am on the morning registration began and I purchased the cutest soccer clothing and shoes–in the boy section–on clearance–at my local Carter’s store.  I digress. 

Soccer is a great way for the whole family to get out and get active.  It’s a non-gender specific sport that builds confidence, concentration, stamina, coordination, and teamwork.  There’s a goal involved (ha–no pun) and it’s just a darn good way to get the body moving. 

If you look, you’ll find that there are numerous actitivities all around that sneak in exercise….even cleaning house…which is what I ought to tackle next.  Sigh….

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