Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Breakfast in Bed

“I am not sure I’ve ever had breakfast in bed,” I chirped to my husband as he lumbered very uncomfortably atop the bed in our turret-shaped room of our B&B.  I was all decked out in the fluffy robe provided by the B&B and a smile on my face as I pulled the stuffed French toast closer to me, pouring hot water over my tea bag. 

“Yeah?  Really?!”  he adjusts his body around the tray in an awkward contorsion. 

“Really,” I replied.  “Never, unless you count the hospital bed after giving birth.”  (and I don’t, by the way). 

He went on to tell me that his ideal breakfast wouldn’t be in bed, “Honey I know you are all into this pampering and stuff, but I’m not.”  His ideal breakfast would be after a long morning hike to the top of a Colorado mountian top with a bag of homemade granola.  “Great view, and a little exercise”….well, that sounds good to me, too.  But there are limits and times for that.  Today was not one of them.   

So for our anniversay, I decided I wanted to have breakfast in bed.  I purchased the “romantic couple” package from our B&B and told my darling husband that we would be a romantic couple that weekend, darn it!  He gladly accepted my invitation but declined the side-by-side couple’s massage.  I offered to have the rub-down twice, but when I learned that it would save us $100 to forgo, I shuffled that money to the Christmas gift fund which I happily spent as we shopped the quiant towns on our retreat. 

My point today is this: why is it that most women can’t think of the last time they had a good breakfast in bed?!  No, soggy Cheerie-O’s prepared by half-pints don’t count!  And really, breakfast in the hospital bed post-partum shouldn’t, either.  But it did for me.  Sort of. 

I think we all should have a breakfast in bed at least once.  Once a year.  Once a week.  I don’t know.  You decide what you think it best.  Just do it.  It’s sort of fluffy and pamper-y, but who cares?  It’s a fantastic way to start the day on occassion. The novelty and excitement of it all would totally wear off after a time or two. 

There is something about waking up after a good–long, uninterrupted–night’s sleep to a knock on the door, “Breakfast!”  And knowing that you can just eat…and eat some more.  And not have to do the dishes.  And not have to nurse a newborn at the same time while you shift to avoid the sore episiotomy…you should be able to have breakfast in bed then roll over and go back to bed.  And that is one fine way to start the day!

One thought on “Just 4 Moms on Wednesday: Breakfast in Bed

  1. Great Blog Leslie!
    Our family actually has a tradition that for each family member that has a birthday, they get breakfast in bed that morning. My kids will wait up in thier beds way past the time they usually get up (around 6:30) to get thier special breakfast. They pick what to eat the night before.

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