Cute & Simple: Laundry Folding 101

Okay, today’s “tip” is really anything but cute and simple.  Folding laundry–blah.  It’s gotta get done and with kids, I am sure you are doing more than your fair share.  You likely already have a system that works for you, but perhaps you are looking to change things around a bit–making yourself an even more efficient super-mom than you already are. 

Early on, I learned that babies have an overwhelming  amount of laundry.  Diapers (if you use cloth), washclothes, sleepers, burp rags….you know the drill.  They have everything you do plus a few extra, random things (I really hope you don’t have chux pads for your bed!).  Instead of doing baby laundry everyday, I started doing it just once a week.  I know, it sounds impossible.  I didn’t sort it, either.  It all went in the washer, along with the Dreft and–bing–clean baby clothes that were just as much fun to fold as they were  to shop for (just see yesterday’s post for inspiration)!

As the girls got older, I kept with that once-a-week-laundry-routine.  The girls were both assigned a day of the week for scrubbing their grubby duds.  Kelly has always been Monday and Kate Tuesday.  How that evolved,  I don’t know.  Again, I really don’t mess around with sorting, unless of course there is a brand-new red shirt in the load.  I also have gotten into the habit of folding clothes into outfits.  There’s definitely a system to my madness!  It does take a little more brain energy and a lot more space to spread out, but it’s so worth it.  The girls know what to grab from the dresser drawer because things are all ready to go.  It’s my sneaky way of being controlling.  They think they have a choice in what they get to wear, but really I have made the decision for them.  Sneaky mom. 

  • “Outfitting Your Kids’ Laundry”

Here are a few more things I’ve learned along the way:

  • The girls love when it’s their laundry day–I can’t figure out why–maybe it means the return of some of their favorite outfits, I’m not sure. 

They also like to “help.”  I let them sort things by color or function or whatever strikes me.  “Put all of the blue things together….can you find your socks?” 

Sometimes we even count things, too.  “Wow–you have 12 little socks!  Cool.”

And when it’s all said and done, they have started putting things away.  Amazing.  What will be even more amazing is when they start doing the whole thing on their own…or heck, doing my laundry! 

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