In My Brain Today: Ummm…I forget

Has anyone ever read the Sandra Boynton chunky board book, “What’s Wrong ‘Lil Pooky?!”  It’s an adorable little ditty in which a baby pig is fussy and upset and just wants his momma and she is trying to figure out what is wrong with her little Piglet.  She asks all kinds of questions…is it this or that, trying to determine what is at the root of little Pooky’s bad day.   In the end, little Pooky is just cuddled up with his momma and he says (or thinks, not sure which–he’s a pig, afterall!), “Ummm… I forget!” 

I’ve had one of those days.  Actually, it’s a combination of just general mind forgetfulness and a crabby last 24 hours.  So, what’s in my brain today?  Ummmm….I forget. 

Seems I had a really good idea for a blog this morning as I was hammering it out in my step interval class.  “Ah ha!  That’s it–I could blog about ____ today!”  But now, I forget.  Must not have been that great, huh? 

And, really I am not sure why I have been such a crab-ola lately, either.  It’s not that “time,” it’s not even a full moon.  But for some reason, I just feel cranky and unsettled. 

So, I baked bread.  Real bread.  From scratch.  It’s rising right now in my kitchen.  I need to go and shape it into a loaf and let it continue to rise another 60 minutes before I pop it in the oven.  I am thinking gourmet grilled cheese with homemade tomato rice soup for dinner.  Comfort food just may wash away all of those yucky-blah-I-forget-why-I’m-cranky-but-I’m-cranky-anyway feelings. 

And that is what is in my brain today, November 11th 2010. 

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