In My Brain Today: Santa’s sleigh isn’t red

I may be a grown-up kid, but I still relish in the idea that a rotund man in a red suit will bring me anything my heart desires.  Of course, as a grown-up, I am the one footing the bill. 

Yesterday afternoon, Santa’s sleigh came barreling down my street.  Only it wasn’t red.  It was a white truck with the words, “Broyhill” emblazoned on the outside.  Ah yes, my sofa and loveseat have arrived.  After slowing down to navigate the cul-de-sac and backing up into our driveway, I was presented with two “Santas” ready and willing to bring in  my new family room furniture.  Merry Christmas to Mommy! 

This furniture has been on my mind for awhile now.  A long while.  I am sort of slow and deliberate when it comes to things like this, and my hubby Santa is sort of tight with the cash at times.  But, lest I tell you–I am the proud owner of a new custom-designed couch, loveseat and soon chair…(for some reason, the chair is held up at production). 

And it’s red.  Tuscan red, Southern red, brick red, deep red, whatever you want to call it and I love it.  I have spend a good part of  the afternoon looking at it, sitting on, fluffling the cushions, and ordering a monogrammed pillow to match from Ballard Designs.  I re-arranged some things in the family room and purchased three tall bookcases (which I am itching to fill with books and trinkets). 

Ah, yes…the sleigh may not be red but the couch sure is.  Next on my wish list: a bassett hound puppy.  Really. 

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