Organization 101: What a Mess!

Okay, as much as I like to make order out of chaos, I just don’t feel in the mood–at least not today. 

I am looking around my house and thinking, “Ugh.  What a mess.”  There seem to be two worlds colliding here: Christmas take-down (along with all of those new gifts) and a “new” family room to organize and decorate.  In some ways, it feels like I just moved in.  You know how everywhere you look there isn’t one neat room?!  Everywhere I look, there is something to be done and it’s driving me bonkers. 

That’s when I remembered some advice I was given about moving: pick one room and make it as neat and livable as possible.  Unpack everything, get rid of the boxes, hang things on the wall, make it cute.  It will become your “sanctuary” as you continue to unload of all of your earthly possessions.   It seemed simple enough at the time– and it worked. 

I need to find that one room right now and get to it. 

Trouble is, do I decorate, unpack, or organize first? It all sort of becomes simultaneous and that is where I get overwhelmed and cranky and just want to curl up with my “magic blanket”–which feels like being back in the womb–and a book.  Done. 

But the fact is, I am thinking about organization and I will get to it.  It’s just a matter of when.  In psychology-speak, this thinking step is referred to as “pre-contemplation,” and it’s actually an efficient stepping stone to accomplishment.  There, that’s my  progress for today.  By then end of the week, I plan to get a load of stuff to the Good Will drop-off site.  As for now, I think I will find that blanket and my book. 

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