In My Brain Today: Psychic Powers

Awhile back, I was at the mall waiting in line for a hot buttery pretzel from Auntie Anne’s.  I struck up a conversation with the woman standing in front of me.  Just some small talk about  the crowds at the mall or the weather… something like that.  She was pleasant– short and round.  As I was walking away, mouth watering for that hot hunk of dough in my hands, she stopped and asked my name.  I was thrown off a bit, but told her, “Uh, Leslie.” 

As she reached into her coat pocked to retrieve a small scrap of paper and place in my hand, she told me, “I don’t usually do this, but have you ever had a reading?” 

Skeptical, but still trying to be pleasant, I told her that I had some curiosity, but no, I had not ever had a reading from a psychic.  She offered a complimentary reading if I called her.  Free?!  Who could beat that?  Why not?  I wondered. 

I confess: I went.  I didn’t know what to expect, but she was able to tell me some very shocking news that only I would have access to.  I sat in her crammed office oggling the strange trinkets that hung from corners and kept saying to myself, “How could she possibly know that?”  This woman does have some “power,” I’ll give her that. 

She was also concerned about my “energy.”  She indicated that while I am a “good person,” I have some negative karma, probably from ancestors before me.  She could remove this bad energy with some crytals and candles.  And some cash.  I cringed.  Okay, so perhaps this isn’t a “complimentary” reading afterall.   But,  she did continue to give me a full reading at no charge.  She just wants me to come back with a wallet next time. 

Because she was so spot-on with some of the other things happening in my life–past and present–I can’t help but wonder if she’s right about this negative karma, too?  Of course, I can’t see this negative karma, and I certainly can’t see her magical powers at work as I sit in a roomful of crystals and candles, but I can see my bank account dwindle.   So no, I am not going to go back for an energy cleansing, thank you very much.

Instead, what I think I’ll do is wear my crystal hair clip (that I bought that day after downing my pretzel), and light my own candles at home.  Perhaps that will ward off my negative karma? 

(In the meantime, I did check out some books at the library.  There are, indeed healing powers associated with crystals.  And there are numerous accounts of pyschics who really know what they are talking about, going back thousands of years.  Nostrodamus is one, as well as a the predictions from psychics about Adolf Hitler hundreds of years before he was even born.) 

And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday January 20th

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