A Little Literacy, Please: My 4-Year Old Treasure

How can a gal who blogs not love books?  If you have been following along with me for any time at all, you know that I not only love books, but I adore them.  And if I adore books and my kids, then it is no doubt that my kids also adore books.  Right?

Alright, enough with the dorky riddles on onto the real heart of the matter–literacy.

For her 4th Birthday, Kelly received this miniature chair for her miniature self to sit in.  And read in. 

She has wanted this chair for a long time.  In fact, she wanted one like it for Christmas, referring to it as “my own little Santa chair.”  Of course, I had the vision of a red velvet chair complete with faux-gold scrollwork and an expensive photo to go along with it.  “Santa” had no idea where to find a “my own little Santa chair.”  I told her that was a tough request for Santa to fulfill. 

Leave it to a 4-year old to be smarter than Santa.   She wanted the one that sat on the metal shelves at Target.  She sat in it once, maybe twice when we were at the store after the holidays.  “I like it, momma,” she told me.  I nodded and smiled at my little cherub, checked the price tag and said, “Well, maybe for your birthday.” 

I talked to Jim about it.  “No way!” he told me.  “She’s grow out of that in no time.” 

“But she wants it,” I pressed.  “She wanted it for Christmas.” 

The final answer was no.  I put my energies elsewhere as I finalized party plans and gift-giving needs.  She got some cute things from us, but none of them were the pink chair from Target. 

Until my parents came.  The chair was secretly brought through our front door as Kelly was nibbling away on the chocolate cake she picked for her Grandparent Party Celebration (she’s really stretched this birthday thing out, one lucky  kid!).  Afterwards, she was led, sort of blind-folded to the living room.  Ta-da!  There sat the chair.  Her face split into a gigantic grin.  “My Santa chair!” 

Not only did Papa and Nana bring the chair, but also–fittingly–a book, “The Treasury for Four-Year Olds.”  It’s a great little hard-back book with full-color illustrations, a variety of authors and intriguing stories–some classics, some parables, some fairytales.

Product Details And she’s “read” it in the chair countless times.  Each time she passes the chair–which now sits in her room amid the stuffed Bassett Hounds (mommy’s own little piece of heaven), she smiles and sits.  And wants to read.  Talk about a gift. 
(As for the growing-out-of part daddy was so concerned about…Papa suggested she could use it later for dolls and stuffed animals.  Smart Papa!)
The Treasury book series is a great idea for birthday gifts….you can find them at most booksellers.  They have a variety of ages, so pick the birthday child’s age, and bing–a gift!  Be sure to inscribe with your name and wishes for a life-long learner. 

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