In My Brain Today: Cookies at Home

Some days, I try to do too much.  I bet you know the feeling.  And, the thing is–I don’t know why I do it. 

Take this morning, for example.   Kelly and I are running around town trying to get things done.  I wanted to get myself to step-aerobics (just see yesterday’s post), and I knew I needed a new batteryand oil change  for my van (nope–I do not want to be stranded in the frozen tundra of Illinois with a dead battery).  

I also wanted to print off some prints at Walgreens for my kindergartner’s “100th Day of School” project.  And while we were out, we stopped at Culver’s for a little lunch-a-roo.  A portion of our lunch purchase benefits my daughter’s school, so gotta do my civic service, right?

It is 8 degrees Farenheit today. 

While we were in Walgreens, Kathy-the-photo-lady (who also knows us by name), offered to print up the prints right then and there so we wouldn’t have to make another trip in this too-darned-cold weather.  What a nice gal!  I was pleased and relieved that I wouldn’t have to run back out for photos for a kindergarten project that aren’t even required.  You see, it was all my idea to take photos of the process, rather than just turning in a sackful of 100 things.  (I know, I’m a really nerdy mom).  And when Kathy-the- photo-lady said, “You know, you picked the coldest day of the year to come out.”  I nodded and smiled and felt like an idiot.  Yes, I know it’s cold. 

When Kelly picked up a package of pink cupcakes sitting near the photo kiosk, I told her, “Not today.  I was thinking of baking heart-shaped sugar cookies later.  We can put pink icing on them.” 

She lit up at that idea.  I must have cringed or rolled my eyes or something to suggest that I wasn’t really “into” it because Kathy-the-photo-lady said, “There’s always tomorrow, Mom.” 

When we got back in the car, Kelly said, “Mom, why do we have to go everywhere all the time?” 

I sighed and said, “Because, things need to get done, kiddo.”  She seemed to accept this. 

A few moments later, she responded with, “Mom, I’m with Kathy.  We should just stay home and eat cookies.” 

I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds like a fantastic idea!  And that is what is in my brain today, Thursday, February 10th 2011. 

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