A Little Literacy, Please: “Unstoppable Me!”

Last Tuesday’s literacy post was all about you…”Incredible You,” that is (Dr. Wayne Dyer)!  Today I am going to follow-up with his next title for kids, “Unstoppable Me!”  (Hay House, 2006)  which is based on his book for adults, “What Do You Really Want for Your Children?”  (Dr. Dwyer’s idea that parents can lead their children by example to a happy and fulfilling life). 

Each of the concepts in “Unstoppable Me” uses rhyme to present the idea in a catch-way, followed by an example illustrating how a child can use the lesson(s) in their everyday life.  Kids with apraxia can especially relate to the rhythm, aliteration and fun that rhymes bring.  Here are Dr. Dwyer’s “10 Ways to Soar Through Life:”

  • You are Great–No Matter What!  You are worthwhile, believe you will succeed, learn from mistakes, and value yourself
  • Persistence Pays Off!  Follow-thru on your goals and dreams; patience and determination
  • Welcome the Unknown:  Change is a good thing–it happens all the time!  Embrace the adventure. 
  • You Have a Choice: Rely on yourself, don’t look to others to validate you, don’t blame others for your faults
  • Farewell to Worry: Worry will bring you down–be proactive instead, share your thoughts when you feel down
  • Peace Begins with You: Don’t let anger in–all you do is hurt  yourself and others around you…
  • Enjoy the Here-and-Now:  Enjoy the moment you are in; don’t dwell on the past or worry too much about the future
  • Healthy Me!  Healthy and strong individuals bounce back faster than those who aren’t…have a healthy mind, body, and spirit!
  • Creativity is Key!  Being creative in your own way helps you understand the challenges in the world around you
  • What Can You Give?  Look outside of yourself, because it’s not all about you…look at goodness and beautyeverywhere.

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